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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Physical or digital?


How do you buy your games?

Physical 26 36.11%
Digital 17 23.61%
Both 29 40.28%

Simple premise: if you're a console gamer, do you buy your games digital, physical, or both? If both, please tell us about what percentage your purchases fall under. 


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I haven't bought a physical game since 2017.

It's kinda hard to justify the drive to the store and the hassle of constantly switching discs when you can have them all lined up on the screen and just push a single button while sitting comfortably 15ft from the screen.

Percentage wise I would say my digital games represents 70% of my collection since I gave away almost all my physical games.

Both, I rarely buy games day one except Zelda. I'll buy games like Mario kart digitally that I want quicker access to. Other games I'll buy based on the price. Games like Cyberpunk at $8 physical are better than paying $20+ for it digitally.

I buy both formats. But whereas I'm willing to pay full price for a physical game, I very rarely spend more than 10€ for a single digital game.

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Mostly physical. Do use my gold coins on Switch to buy digital games from time to time.

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Like 95% physical. The only time I really buy digitally is when I see a really good deal (or if the game has no physical release).

All digital ever since the beginning of the last console generation (3DS/Wii U).

But I’m all digital for all sorts of things these days:

Around the time I went full digital on console gaming was the time I went full E Book.
Even earlier than that for film and TV, which was during the Wii/DS generation
Perhaps 20 years ago for music, mobile and PC gaming.

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Physical for Switch, DS, and 3DS games. They just hold their value better and the cartridges are sturdy.

Digital on PlaySation and pretty much any other platform. Convenience.

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Almost exclusively physical for console games, digital for PC games. With PC games, physical isn't a real alternative, but at least there's actual competition among the platform. For consoles, it's either physical or digital, with no competition in digital. Digital has absolutely terrible values as far as I'm concerned, because the prices are rarely very good, and you can't sell the games you buy either.

I simply look for the cheaper option, so both.