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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What is your favorite Nintendo Controller?


What is your favorite Nintendo controller?

NES controller 1 2.70%
SNES Controller 5 13.51%
N64 Controller 3 8.11%
Gamecube Controller 4 10.81%
Wii Remote 2 5.41%
Wii U Gamepad 2 5.41%
Wii U Pro Controller 3 8.11%
Switch Joy Cons 1 2.70%
Switch Pro Controller 16 43.24%

What is your guy's favorite controller?

This might be unpopular but my favorite controller is the Wii U gamepad, it was surprisingly super comfortable for me to use as my main controller despite being so large, the handlebars of the Wii U gamepad felt finely-tuned for comfort. I have larger hands so that's probably why I liked the controller the best.

The NES controller has good feeling buttons but the controller felt too small. The SNES controller feels comfortable for 2D games, much better controller shape than the NES with the rounded edges and was big enough to feel more comfortable. The N64 controller isn't as uncomfortable as it looks but it just feels too unconventional to be considered very comfortable for me. The Gamecube controller is widely regarded as one of, if not the best controller of all time, and while I remember loving the controller in the past, I notice that as I got older and my hands started getting larger the controller just feels a bit too small for my liking, it's still a comfortable controller overall, just not amazing to me like it used to be. I hated the Wii remote to be honest, playing with it sideways and/or with a nunchuck would always feel awkward and uncomfortable. The Switch joycons IMO are also too small.

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Switch Pro Controller

I know people say it's a rip off the Xbox controller but I just love playing with it, I even play my steam gales with it

And the battery lasts 48 centuries

Wii U pro controller. The battery life is insane.

Switch Pro controller, WiiU Pro Controller and then probably gamecube.

The closer to a normal gamepad the better.

1. Switch Pro Controller: I like the shape of the GameCube controller better, but the Pro has better functionality.
2. GameCube: My favorite shape and the best controller for Smash.
3. GamePad: Looks like a Fisher Price toy, but it's surprisingly comfortable. It has some cool functions, and it's a shame it never reached its full potential.
4. Joy-Con: Tempted to put it lower for how much they've drifted on players, but they have some cool functions.
5. Wii Remote: It's better with the nunchuck than without. There are some cool experiences to be had with the Wiimote, but it had a little missed potential as well.
6. N64: The worst analog stick in Nintendo history and a bizarre shape and baffling choices like no X or Y buttons.

I haven't used the other controllers enough to want to rank them.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Wii U Gamepad is absolutely fantastic and feels great in the hands despite the size. It also has excellent analog sticks, the rumble is very strong plus the second screen enhances the gaming experience in a whole lot of games. I like all controllers from Nintendo but this one is my favorite.

My personal favorite is the NES controller. But objectively, I think the SNES was their best.

Switch Pro is the best, followed by Wii U Pro and Gamepad.

The others range from average to horrible.

The Switch Pro is probably the best, but I'm also partial to the GC controller.

The worst has got to be the N64's, right?






Yes, the Switch Pro controller was the perfection of the previous WiiU Pro controller.

As a gaming controller though, the GC controller was technically the more fun to play with.

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