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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay Presentation 3/28 7am PT

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Finally, we'll get more than just trailers for this game!

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I dont want to see more of it...but I will be watching of course. I cant help myself.

I am intending not to watch it, but I know all of the info will be dumped across my feeds in some form or another so I’ll probably have to watch it anyway.

I really wish more folks could be trusting in the Zelda team. Will it have the same impact as BOTW? That’s impossible. Will it be a massive, fun game, you betcha!

I mean, the last trailer showed me enough that I know I won't need to watch this bit of gameplay.

But yeah, like said, the internet sure will latched into every info possible which will slowly trinkle around my YouTube feed lol.

Gonna be playing games to avoid it instead 😉

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There are gonna be so many dick-shaped objects in my Hyrule. I can't wait

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Well dont be afraid of spoilers from this presentation. lol

Im fine being in the dark for this game though.

Those new abilities look like a lot of fun! So many options with Fuse can't wait to explore Hyrule once again.

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*presses fast forward button hoping to get to May 12th*

I think I'll skip it. Try to go into TotK with as little info as possible.

That fuse ability is wild. Looking great.

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