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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will be your first game in 2023 that you will play or beat

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What is your favorite gaming platform of this current gen?

Playstation 5 17 37.78%
Xbox Series S/X 6 13.33%
Nintendo Switch 15 33.33%
PC 7 15.56%

So as the thread title says, to start off the year.

What will be your first game and on what platform if its multiplatform?

As for me, its Pokemon Sword on Switch - playing it now, in the Pokemon League Finals now ;)

As for what I will finish first, will likely be Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty on PS3.

Poll wise - my favorite platform of this gen is Switch.

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Disco Elysium (bad playthrough)

Edit: and done :P

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I'll start with a few rounds of Animal Crossing and Skyrim. My first new playthrough will hopefully be Dark Souls 2 on the PS4, but that depends on if I finally get the new SSD for my PS4 Pro that I ordered about a million years ago.

The first game I know I'll be buying is the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection on the 27th. I'd be pretty pissed if I had bought the first WB Collection that released earlier because of the sheer number of titles we're getting in this new one. Granted, it's more expensive, but completely worth it if you're a fan of the series; 6 games, 21 versions?!

Favorite system is the Switch, which is by far the best way to play retro titles that don't benefit from high-tech (Arcade Archives, Sega Ages, Collection titles, etc). Although you do need a Hori Split-Pad Pro so that you have AN ACTUAL D-PAD for digital control.

Well I just finished Mass Effect from the Legendary Edition, onto Mass Effect 2.

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Play - Halo infinite (already happened)
Beat - High on Life (gotta finish my playthrough)

Probably going to be Wartales. Started playing it a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked. It's a survival game so I won't be finishing it any time soon.

Just beat plague tale innocence on series x. Will move onto guardian's of the galaxy next, follow it up with plague tale requiem and then high on life.

I'll try to finish GTA IV, Tomb Raider, Rise of the TR, Assassin's Creed Origins, Valhalla, Jedi Fallen Order, Death Stranding, The Witcher 3, Half Life, Half Life 2, Portal 2 and Nier Automata

My favourite system tends to be the Steam Deck nowadays but also the Switch.

Monster Hunter World probably. Started it last year, but it's a bit of a long game to say the least. Currently working my way through the Iceborne expansion.