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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Skyward Sword HD worth $60?

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Has Skyward Sword HD been worth $60?

Yes 23 38.33%
No 33 55.00%
I'm not going to bother to find out 4 6.67%

There's been a lot of arguments about whether or not the changes to Skyward Sword HD were enough to warrant a $60 price tag or it was just Nintendo doing a lazy port of the game, but I honestly think it's been worth the price of admission.

I never played the original game because by that point, I was done with the Wii's motion controls and when I saw this game was ONLY motion controls, I decided to skip it. But when I saw this remaster was going to have a button only control option, I decided it was time to finally play it. 

Considering that the original game sold only 3.67 million copies with a near 100 million Wii install base at that time, not many have played this game. When it comes to home console Zelda games, SS is one of the worst selling, barely ahead of only Majora's Mask I believe (maybe Four Swords Adventures) but that was only on a 30 million N64 install base. I imagine the low sales of SS were primarily for the motion controls, but considering Zelda is at it's all time popularity high now, it was a good time to re-show the original game in the Zelda time line. Especially with Breath of the Wild 2 returning to the skies!

I'm happy to see that this is actually a REALLY good game!! I'm already 20 hours into it and yet I've only completed 3 dungeons, although I am doing every side quest I find. Last I played, I had just entered the Ancient Cistern dungeon, which from what I've heard is the best dungeon in the game! Just taking into account the length of the game, it's worth $60 because it's insane how long this game is! There is some filler for sure, but by no means has it ruined my experience or felt it was too much. The story is really intriguing seeing the beginnings of the Master Sword and the Kingdom of Hyrule, and seeing the pieces slowly being put together. The pacing isn't the best, but it's tolerable for sure. But the music though.......AMAZING!!!! This was the first Zelda game to have a full orchestra for the score, and my god I can't get enough of the music! It's so epic to listen to and I highly recommend listening to the music if you decide to not play the game. 

All in all, there's so much to this game! With BotW having sold over 23 million copies, there are so many more new Zelda fans than there ever has been, and there are a lot of people that'll enjoy a more traditional Zelda game. The combat is what I'm most critical about where a full on remake would've been the only solution for this, but it's certainly passable once you get used to the button controls. But with the runtime of the game being around 40-50 hours I'm thinking, running at 1080p 60fps, QoL changes that would've unbearable if they brought from the Wii version, insanely fun dungeons (bosses so far being kinda easy), and the story/music, I would say I had no problems paying the $60. 

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You can get it for $49.94 on Amazon in the U.S.

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I won't disagree that the quality and quantity of content are worth full price, but the truth of it is that this is a 10 year old game being released at a higher price than it sold for originally. I'm not even the kind of guy who thinks games must always go down in price over time, that's kind of a silly concept, but come on. This really should be selling for less. $40 would be fine. $50 would be tolerable. But $60 is just wrong.

Also I don't think the relatively low sales of the original are due to motion controls as that was the main reason Wii and its games sold by the dozens of millions. It was just released too late, at a time when the console was already fading in popularity, and if somehow the Zelda name would attract any casuals, they already had a cheaper game to go for (Twilight Princess also didn't do much compared to its install base).

As for your time with it, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Skyward Sword definitely gets a lot of unwarranted hate, even now. I thought we were past the days when people thought linearity in games is inherently a bad thing, but it turns out that is still the case. In my opinion it's easily one of the best Zelda games, personally it's my favorite. And I would disagree on Ancient Cistern being the best dungeon, although it is very good, the best one is yet to come.

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For those who don't have it already on Wii, yes, definitely worth it.

I don't think they should be charging $60 for it, but if you have $60 worth of fun with it then why not.

Depends how much enjoyment you get out of it and how much $60 is worth to you.

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No its not. Its a great title but price is very questionable.

Yes. One of the finest zelda games with best in series dungeons. Being able to play without motion is a joy. And I think many forgot how bad SD looks.


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I would say anyone that hasn't played it should consider it. I did play the Wii version and haven't played the Switch version and don't plan on it myself. I would rate SS the worst console Zelda game, but even the worst Zelda game is quite bit better than a lot of games out there. The first few hours are a bit annoying, but once you get passed that its a Zelda game and is fun.

$40 at best. The textures looks like upscaled dolphin and there's some QoL changes. The game itself might be fun enough but the port is certainly not worth the asking price. They did a pretty lazy job imo.


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