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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 30, 2020 (Jul 20 - Jul 26)

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Woah Switch is even higher this week. I hope Ninty can produce so many switches that it exceeds all our expectations

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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AC won't stop, not a bad 2nd week for Paper Mario either.

I don't usually shit on PS4 numbers in Japan but sheeeeeet....

Wow did not expect Switch to be up after last week. It really seems like we might have seen the end of the shipment issues.
Strong hold for Paper Mario and GoT also staying above 50k.
Great week for everything but PS4 hardware.

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Marth said:
Also New Horizons is now the best selling game of the franchise at retail in Japan.

Wild Worlds LTD was 5.241.655

Which also makes New Horizons the 8th best-selling game of all time.
Next game ahead is Ruby/Sapphire at 5.337.045 LTD

I think New Leaf is the best selling Animal Crossing at retail in japan with 5'790'000 units ranking as the 6th best selling game of all time.

(Chart updated on the 4th of June 2020)


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In Week 30, Switch blows past 3M units sold in Japan this year. Animal Crossing up week-over-week again, almost hitting 100K 19 weeks after launch. Japan is officially Switch Land.

As for Playstation, it's clear that Japan is about done with PS4. Interested to see how they take to PS5 when it comes out.

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I dont know how strong the demand is to be recovered. Like how many 100k weeks will it take lmao.

Demand must be so high seeing AC NH is close to become the best selling game of all time in japan in a matter of months. With digital it is definitely passed 6 millions I'm sure.

Good performance of GoT and PM. PS4 hardware is truly dying, and PS3 will end up on top. Even if the PS4 was huge WW and had no competition, it will still remain lower than the PS3 in japan. That's kinda scary for Sony imo.

Switch could impact PS5 sales in japan, I personally think it def will.

What the heck happened to the PS4?

Switch and AC:NH: Up and Up

PS4: Where's the floor?

Seriously, I didn't expect the PS4 to drop below 1500 already, that is atrociously low.

Do my eyes deceive me, or is the PS4 nearly equal with the 3DS.. in 2020.

Heard good word-of-mouth for Ghost of Sushi and Paper Mario, so nice to see that hold.

Switch Lite actually dipped a little, but the OG systems are flying out the door.