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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets settle this: Worst Main FF.

For me it is FF XV.

I will start by saying all games till XV, despite problems here and there are not bad games by any mean. Realistically, FFXV as an idea must have been a 10/10 on  creators mind, but a good idea is not materialised always in reality. Let start with the elephant in the room: the battle system

What the f... is this system. Clunky and feels glitchy when executing a move. The response is like 2 secs delay from button to reaction. The world, while open, it looks and feels like a bad copy of a big sandbox game, like Skyrim. And it is on purpose, but it doesnt feel as rich as any of the competition. This the first final fantasy where you cant control fully all players. It plays like a Kingdom Hearts in that manner.This is the first FF where the storyline has no meaning at all, based on how the character progresses and explores the world from start to end. Noctis feels exactly like he dresses, dead and black. If Lighting was perceived as not that real, Noctis is like a void on character development level.Now, go back to all FF, try to play them from the start till the end. You get directly the point that XV doesnt feel like a mainline FFs. While we loved FF7R for what it is, somehow FFXV cant redeem itself regardless of the DLCs, extra content, it just feels and plays dead and bad, as a package and these graphics cant justify it being a good game, cause the presentation lacks. On the final note, i think the series going multi-plat is what really caused this outcome: wanting to please Xbox playes pushed Square to a Skyrim type of game. Same thing happened with FFXIII, but to its core, it still felt like a traditional FF. 

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i only played... ff8, 9, 10, 12, 15

ff8 for me... dont like the junction system...

ff12 grid system was my fave


OP, I think you should check the original Final Fantasy I on the NES. That thing is so bad it gave me nightmares. WTF is wrong with the accuracy system? Half the difficulty of the game is fighting against the RNG to actually land a frickin blow. And what's up with the speed stat? The game seemed to just randomly decide when everyone attacks. I guess that's where the other half of the game's challenge comes from. Sometimes my party attacks first, sometimes I have to wait for the entire group of enemies to destroy me. Which happened to be the exact same enemies that attacked after me the last time.

I guess the game was good in 87, but today is garbage. FF XIII and XV are mediocre games, but at the very least you can play them without wanting to kill someone...

II probably. It had a lot of interesting ideas regarding character leveling, but none of it really worked in execution. Of the modern ones it's XIII most likely. I think in a similar vein XIII had some interesting ideas, but it failed to really do anything with the potential it had.

8., 8 was the worst. The draw system was god awful, and the characters were awful. Also that story - no just bad.

I can think of anything I really enjoyed from 6+. Not with 8. I think the card game was good but even that is forgettable.

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Final Fantasy 2. I can imagine most people dont take it into account because they havent played it. That game is a trainwreck in every aspect.
Final Fantasy 13 would be my second-worst pick, but between 2 and 13 theres a world of difference. 13 is mediocre but at least has some enjoyable aspects and good values to it.

I can't really judge this as of yet, as I haven't played enough of them. Most seem to think that 13 and 15 are the worst. Haven't played all of 13 yet, only the first few hours years ago at a friends house, when it first released, waiting on the upcoming Gamepass release to play it. As for 15, I found it very disappointing personally. I had major hype for Versus 13 for years, it looked fantastic every time we saw it, especially in the 2011 trailer. Then in 2013 we find out that Square Enix had decided to make it mainline, so I had even more hopes for it. But then around 2014 or 2015, we learned that Square Enix had forced Nomura off the project, with Tabata taking over. We very quickly learned that Tabata had made huge changes, everything from the battle system (which was made much worse), to the story and characters. Stella was replaced with the rather bland and underutilized Luna. The roles of many villain characters like Iedolas and Verstael were dramatically lessened. Ignis was changed from Noctis' Military Strategist into his personal valet. Noctis' chauffeur was changed into a Marshal of the Kingsguard. The list of changes that Tabata made are quite extensive, and most of them bad. Never have I played a game that fell so far short of my expectations (actually, I take that back, RDR2 also fell far short of my expectations for it, after the amazing RDR1).

So for me at least, I suspect that 15 will remain my least favorite FF even after playing 13. I can't see how 13 can be worse for me than 15, because I am going into 13 with muted expectations, whereas I had super high expectations for 15 when I played it. As for some of the others, I know alot of people dislike 8, but I liked what I saw of the 8 characters in Kingdom Hearts, so I am actually looking forward to playing 8 for the first time on Gamepass later this year. Doubt I will ever play anything pre-6 personally, those would just feel too dated for me. 

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For the record, I have not played FF 1 - 5, or 15.
But when I do play 15 it's going to be Royal Edition, which from what I hear is a much better game than the launch version. Being able to control all your party members, full control of the car, etc.

So out of the ones I did play, my least favorite is XIII. Though there are things about the game I really like. The music especially.
But I was missing options to explore things like buildings or the environment in general. At least until the game opened up in Gran Pulse.

I also found there was no way of keeping track of what everyone in my party was doing, which made it feel pretty chaotic. Who cast that spell that just flew past my head towards the enemy? What element was it? How much damage did it do? That's impossible to keep track of when I also have to keep track on the numbers I produce on the screen at the same time. Which is exactly why I much preferred the combat system of XIII-3 where Lightning took on the role of all 3 party members. And why I don't have this issue in FF7R, because you are always in full control of any meaningful action they take.
Often not knowing what everyone was doing didn't cause any problems per say in terms of completing battles. But I like to know how I won the fight none the less. As that can give me insight into more optimal strategies next time I face them, rather than brute forcing just because it works.

Still, I also started liking the combat more around the time I got to Gran Pulse and crafting became more accessible, but that was 40 hours in for me.

As for the story, I had plenty of issues with it. Underdeveloped villains and plot devices mainly. Sazh was a highlight though, as he brought a fun dynamic to the squad. (Though I could not buy his reaction during a certain scene.)

I'd say its either gotta be FF13 or FF15 honarable mention being FF8.

FFXIII Franchise. Each one of them is a soulless pile of shit. Convoluted nonsense story. No characters in them just caricature at best. Hallway simulator. Side quests in LR were meaningless. I somehow felt claustrophobic in XIII-2. You have to make your brain numb or have to be numb already to enjoy this vapid wasteland of games.

FFXV is bad but I was still able to kill some time with it and get a Plat on PS4. Not sure I will revisit it. Unfinished mess. Playable mess. At best this game has a small select few highlights of spectacle. That's the main issue with modern FF games. They are more spectacle than substance.

Final Fantasy II is the worst of the classic era.

There has not been a single good entry in mainline FF since XII. The Series has not been truly great since IX.

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