Chicho said:

why so many saying 8? FF8 is an enjoyable game, sure it takes a bit of getting used to but whatt FF doesn't? for worst i nominate 5.

It's not a bad game but a bad Final Fantasy and that is where the confusion lies I think. FF is a franchise with grand epic adventures of saving the world. With spectacle. You look at the depth of VI and VII. Lots of character. FFVIII sadly had to follow FFVII and it was such a step-down and Squall was such a grump. The story wasn't as grand and then there is the Junction system. Xenogears began as Final Fantasy VII and probably could have been FFVII if they wanted. If they let them finish Disc 2 then it might be one of the best if not the best FF game ever made. I see FFVIII in the same boat as Chrono Cross. People rag on CC a lot. It's a good game but a bad follow up to CT. If they were just their own game as a new IP I think they would be more highly regarded.  Similar to Vagrant Story. I don't think VS would be as loved if it was a mainline FF game. Just too different.

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