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I wasn't sure if there was a Super Mario Maker 2 level sharing thread or not.  I didn't see one after sifting through about a dozen pages of the search topics, although I wouldn't be surprised if there was one somewhere from back when the game released last June.  In any event, I have spent an inordinate amount of time playing the game since picking it up when it came out (although I didn't get heavily pre-occupied with crafting my own levels until September).  My Switch Activity list confirms that I have spent over 285 hours creating levels and playing those of others in addition to the Story Mode and Ninji Speedruns.  Having created 19 levels, 2 of which received a surprising (for me) amount of plays, I thought I'd share my creations with the VGChartz community that I have been a part of for several years. 

I hope that some of you will who have and play Super Mario Maker 2 will take the time to check out one or more of my levels.  If so, feel free to post here your impressions, and share some of your creations as well.  I'd be more than happy to give them a playthrough in return.

Mario Plays NES Games

Course ID

Description:  As Mario, go home to your living room for an afternoon of playing three NES classic games on your NES.  Turn the NES on and hop inside your TV to play a level of "Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "Super Mario Bros."

Likes: 126

Played By: 688

Clears: 401

Attempts: 1406

Clear Rate:  28.52%

World Record:  0:34.733 (Yeet_Mario)

Uploaded:  12/2/2019

Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash

Course ID:  RQ8-RFQ-WLF

Description:  A Mario Kart inspired level designed with multiplayer mode in mind.  There are 4 available "karts" (Koopa cars) and the ability to activate an obstacle in your opponent's paths along the track.

Likes: 79

Played By: 630

Clears: 500

Attempts: 789

Clear Rate:  63.37%

World Record:  0:19.416

Uploaded:  11/29/2019

Power Punch-Out!! 3

Course ID: QB6-RVR-Q0H

Description:  Designed as a sequel in the Punch-Out!! franchise with a tongue in cheek reference to "Power Punch II" which was not actually the sequel to the original "Punch-Out!!".  Fight your way through 2 Circuits of opponents, winning 2 championship matches along the way to earn the ultimate title fight against King Koopa himself.

Likes:  12

Played By:  102

Clears:  36

Attempts:  299

Clear Rate:  12.04%

World Record:  0:31.012

Uploaded:  10/28/2019

Infiltration of Hangar 66

Course ID:  W8N-PML-MFG

Description:  This one is a completely original level.  Mario must gain access to an enemy airbase, infiltrate Hangar 66, steal a copter and use it to board Bowser's Airship high above.  Once aboard, activate explosives to defeat Bowser and destroy the airship.

Likes:  8

Played By:  70

Clears:  6

Attempts:  293

Clear Rate:  2.04%

World Record: 0:42.304

Uploaded:  11/3/2019

Kung Fu Returns

Course ID:  64W-16R-JBG

Description:  Completely inspired by "Kung Fu" on the NES.  Once again Thomas (Mario) must fight his way through 4 levels of minions with a mini-boss at the end of each level.  At the end of the 5th floor, battle Mr. X (Bowser Jr.) to save your beloved Silvia.

Likes:  11

Played By:  73

Clears:  22

Attempts:  224

Clear Rate:  9.82%

World Record:  1:53.895 (NcGraffix)

Uploaded:  9/30/2019

Mario Plays NES Games Too

Course ID:  6FL-GB3-9MF

Description:  Mario returns home for another afternoon of playing classic NES games in his living room.  This time, play levels from "Donkey Kong", "Popeye", and "Zelda II:  The Adventure of Link".

Likes:  16

Played By:  99

Clears:  42

Attempts:  335

Clear Rate:  12.53%

World Record: 1:14.772 (☆amu☆)

Uploaded:  12/19/2019

Elevator Action Returns Again

Course ID:  1QR-XRM-CBG

Description:  An homage to the arcade classic "Elevator Action".  Enter the first building from it's rooftop and use the elevators to descend downward to the ground floor collecting the secret file (key) along the way.  Exiting the door on the ground floor of each building will start you at the top level of the next building.  Gain access to the heavily fortified final building (there is more than one route) to escape to the flagpole.

Likes:  6

Played By:  64

Clears:  13

Attempts:  154

Clear Rate:  8.44%

World Record:  2:32.785 (Angheluz)

Uploaded:  9/26/2019


Course ID:  PRH-X4Q-1XF

Description:  Recreation of the arcade classic Pac-Man.  I originally created this same level on the original Super Mario Maker for WiiU using the Pac-Man amiibo, which gave it a more "Pac-Man" feel.  For this version, I also crafted a new flagpole screen.

Likes:  14

Played By:  58

Clears:  20

Attempts:  94

Clear Rate:  21.27%

World Record:  2:08.809 (Luigi05)

Uploaded:  11/15/2019

Downland (TRS-80 CoCo2)

Course ID:  YDQ-723-X5G

Description:  This is a recreation of the game "Downland" that was published for the TRS-80 Color Computer in 1983.  I stretched each chamber to fill 2 vertical screens, so that Mario's jump mechanic wouldn't make the game too easy.

Likes:  7

Played By:  55

Clears:  3

Attempts:  137

Clear Rate:  2.18%

World Record:  3:50.978 (Classy™)

Uploaded:  1/20/2020

Revenge of the Haunted Cemetary

Course ID:  VQT-0TN-CBG

Description:  I uploaded this in the spirit of Halloween on Halloween night 2020.  This was actually a recreation of "The Haunted Cemetary" I had created on the original Super Mario Maker for WiiU.  In the WiiU level, I used the Mr. Game & Watch amiibo as the main character.

Likes:  3

Played By:  35

Clears:  3

Attempts:  125

Clear Rate:  2.40%

World Record:  0:29.899 (gnajer15)

Uploaded:  10/31/2019

Rise of Skywalker

Course ID:  GCT-HQ4-7FG

Description:  My Happy New Year level upload.  No connection whatsoever to the latest Star Wars film.  The name is derived from having to "Skywalk" across the earthquake ravaged Toadstool Bridge to reach the end of the level.  There are 2 possible routes.  "Skywalking" the still standing remnants of the bridge, or traversing the broken pieces at water level.

Likes:  4

Played By:  39

Clears:  8

Attempts:  234

Clear Rate:  3.41%

World Record:  0:21.890

Uploaded:  1/1/2020

Grand Theft Auto:  Koopa City

Level Code:  GCH-VQ4-14G

Description:  What a crossover between Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario Bros might look like.  Enter stores and apartment buildings, steal cars, run down the denizens of Koopa City on the street, etc.  I set a coin collecting requirement that can be reached by scouring the individual buildings of the city, or completing any one of 3 optional side missions (Defeat the Hammer Bros. Gang inside the Warehouse, Rob the Bank Vault, or Execute the Stunt Jump).  There is an optional bonus mission at the end of the level as well (launch a car through the Window of Bowser's office).

Likes:  3

Played By:  35

Clears:  2

Attempts:  115

Clear Rate:  1.73%

World Record:  3:20.034 (Keiichi)

Uploaded:  1/5/2020

Defend Yoshi's Island (50s)

Level Code:  RYD-HPW-CNF

Description:  Bowser has sent a whole army of Goombas to invade and conquer Yoshi's Island.  There is a huge cliff blocking the way to the bay that leads to Yoshi's Island, but the Goombas have stacked into a massive Goomba Tower to overcome this obstacle.  Use the Goomba Tower to ascend the cliff and defeat the remaining Goombas either by Thwomping them or eliminating the drawbridge from out from under them.  Then, make your way across Yoshi's Island to the end of the level.  This is designed as a speed run, so spending time exploring Yoshi's Island is completely optional.

Likes:  6

Played By:  47

Clears:  22

Attempts:  218

Clear Rate:  10.09%

World Record:  0:13.278 (★ Chris)

Uploaded:  1/25/2020

TMNT NES Dam Level Redux

Level Code:  0ML-J89-QRF

Description:  Recreation of the infamous "Dam Level" from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" game on NES.  I know of at least one other recreation of this level in Super Mario Maker 2, but mine is a re-upload of the same level I had crafted on the original Super Mario Maker for WiiU with slight changes.  In the WiiU version, I used the Yoshi amiibo to portray the Turtles.

Likes:  1

Played By:  24

Clears:  1

Attempts:  74

Clear Rate:  1.36%

World Record:  2:29.826 (glorkie)

Uploaded:  10/23/2019

1940:  The Blitz

Level Code:  C97-BG9-F4G

Description:  Designed as a prequel to Capcom's 19XX series (1942, 1943, etc).  Board your fighter (copter) and destroy attacking enemy jets and ships leading to a super showdown against the Axis Superbomber Graf Frederick.

Likes:  3

Played By:  18

Clears:  4

Attempts:  42

Clear Rate:  9.52%

World Record:  2:48.009 (Matthew42)

Uploaded:  1/25/2020

Gargantuas:  War 4 Infant Island

Course ID:  D2H-X5G-0WF

Description:  My homage to Giant Monster (Kaiju) battles.  As one of the Gargantuan Brothers (Mario = Sanda, Luigi = Gaira), work your way through a destructible environment village to face Gabara on the bridge.  Break the bridge to create a hole large enough for Gabara to fall into to defeat him.

Likes:  4

Played By:  27

Clears:  6

Attempts:  116

Clear Rate:  5.17%

World Record:  0:33.291 (Nintendo46)

Uploaded:  1/7/2020

Hotel Mario WoodDoor-Hysteria

Level Code:  PP4-MDM-V8G

Description:  Inspired by the infamous Mario licensed game on the failed Phillips CDi console, "Hotel Mario".  This level is themed after the level, "Morton's WoodDoor-Hysteria Manor".

Likes:  6

Played By:  42

Clears:  22

Attempts:  167

Clear Rate:  13.17%

World Record:  0:30.283

Uploaded:  12/15/2019

GI*Joe:  Escape from The Pit

Level Code:  RXP-VBP-63G

Description:  After the title screen, you start off at the lowest level of GI*Joe's secret underground base, The Pit.  Suddenly, Cobra Troops bore their way in through the walls.  Fight your way up to the surface, emerging through the Motor Pool above.  Fight your way through the invading Cobras on the surface, making sure to blow up the bridge during your daring escape.

Likes:  5

Played By:  33

Clears:  7

Attempts:  153

Clear Rate:  4.57%

World Record:  2:12.699 (lemonmelon)

Uploaded:  12/9/2019

The Great Hall of Bowser

Course ID:  8KV-KGW-JPG

Description:  My first ever crafting of a Bowser's castle level.  Enter Bowser's castle executing treacherous jumps to advance.  Work your way through "The Great Hall of Bowser" to reach a showdown with Boom Boom.  Emerge victorious to steal the key you will need to enter Bowser's treasure room.  Then, continue through the castle to ultimately battle King Koopa himself.  I put extra effort into the background to make Bowser's castle as ornate and ostentatious as possible.

Likes:  3

Played By:  23

Clears:  2

Attempts:  560

Clear Rate:  0.35%

World Record:  4:08.051 (Daddy1128)

Uploaded:  2/17/2020

Kung Fu Master Returns

Course ID: 4FK-CH8-8F

Description: My 20th course creation.  It's been getting a lot of plays and likes since uploading it.  It's a remaster of my earlier Kung Fu Returns course.  I always felt Kung Fu Returns was a bit drab looking, each level was overly stretched out to fit maximum horizontal course length, and floors 1-4 were so tightly compact to fit together in the sub-world that multiple floors could be seen on screen simultaneously.  This had the added unintended consequence of enemies being able to interact with floors they were not meant to (Sledge Bro being able to fling hammers down from Floor 2 into Floor 1, and also being able to stun Mario without being on the same floor as him; the Bloopers from Floor 4 being able to descend down into Floor 3).  I cleaned up with this version by using the more colorful desert background and semisolids.  Also, I caught the horizontal length in half to fit Floors 1 & 2 vertically, and Floors 3 & 4 vertically side by side instead of all 4 squashed together vertically.  This makes each floor less of a drag, keeps only 1 floor on screen at a time, and prevents enemies from interacting with other floors.  I'm very pleased with how this remaster turned out.

Likes: 16

Played By: 119

Clears: 10

Attempts: 447

Clear Rate: 2.23%

World Record: 1:22.385 (luvbocperc)

Uploaded: 3/8/2020

Power Punch-Out!! 3 Deluxe

Course ID: JP0-48N-DXG

Description: This is a remastered/deluxe version of my earlier "Power Punch-Out!! 3" course which was designed as a sequel in the Punch-Out!! franchise with a tongue in cheek reference to "Power Punch II" (not actually the sequel to the original "Punch-Out!!").  This deluxe version features the addition of a title screen, 3 Complete Circuits of opponents (Minor, Major, & World - the original course only featured Minor & Major), 2 checkpoints not offered in the original course (after completion of the Minor and Major Circuits), cut scene improvements, and a "Super Uppercut" (Star Power-Up) for new opponents who could not otherwise be "punched" (stomped on).

Likes: 7

Played By: 41

Clears: 15

Attempts: 156

Clear Rate: 9.61%

World Record: 1:00.289 (MysterDan)

Uploaded: 3/14/2020

Dragon Fire Returns

Course ID: 5CG-BTY-R1H

Description:  The King's Treasure has been stolen by an Evil Dragon.  It is up to the daring Prince to reclaim it.  Enter 3 strongholds protected by the Dragon and his Hatchlings.  This is the next game in my "Returns Series" comprising of recreations of 80's classics.  "Dragon Fire" was ported to many systems in the 80's, but I played it on my TRS-80 Color Computer 2.  So, this would also be the 2nd of my TRS-80 CoCo2 recreations (the first being "Downland").

Likes: 6

Played By: 35

Clears: 6

Attempts: 212

Clear Rate: 2.83%

World Record: 0:43.901 (Estevan198)

Uploaded: 3/22/2020

Smurf Rescue (Coleco Vision)

Course ID: PY3-JQV-7DG

Description:  My recreation of Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle which was ported to a number of systems in the early 80's, but I played it on my Coleco Vision.  Smurfette has been kidnapped by Gargamel.  Your Smurf must leave Smurf Village and travel through a forest and cave to reach Gargamel's Castle to rescue her.  I recreated the game at one of it's higher levels involving more difficult jumps, bats, and spiders.

Likes: 5

Played By: 33

Clears: 5

Attempts: 107

Clear Rate: 4.67%

World Record: 0:50.067 (Justin5.0)

Uploaded: 3/26/2020

Mega Man Returns

Course ID: TT2-WHN-PVF

Description: Another entry in my "Returns" series.  Play as Mega Man and assimilate the powers of 4 out of control Robot Masters before the ultimate confrontation with Dr. Wily.  In classic Mega Man style, you can battle the Robot Masters in any order you choose.

Likes: 5

Played By: 36

Clears: 4

Attempts: 167

Clear Rate: 2.39%

World Record: 5:04.144 (King Marr)

Uploaded: 3/30/2020

Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) Returns

Course ID: 06R-W00-5GG

Description: Another entry in my "Returns" series. This is my first use of the "Final Update" tools.  A recreation of Super Mario Maker 2, squeezed as best I could to fit the map space while still maintain the spirit of the sequel to Super Mario Bros that got released in the US.  

Likes: 6

Played By: 35

Clears: 23

Attempts: 55

Clear Rate: 41.81%

World Record: 0:34.224 (TheThorik)

Uploaded: 4/24/2020

Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) Deluxe

Course ID: HFH-7D3-DWF

Description: This was my fastest creation of a "Deluxe" update to one of my previous levels. But, I had rushed my original SMB2 USA level in order to start crafting my "World" game, so there were a lot of ideas that had been left out. This Deluxe version now incorporates checkpoints, entry points into "Sub-Space" for collecting coins and SMB2 Mushroom Power-ups, Dry Bones at all the "vegetable" spots, Goombas as Red Shyguys and Goombrats as Pink Shyguys, the complete vine climb to the Birdo Boss Battle, and an upgraded Boss Battle with pipes spawning Dry Bones to throw at Birdo (Wendy) and SMB2 Mushroom Power-ups to maintain the ability to pick-up and throw the projectiles for a more authentic Birdo Boss Battle.

Likes: 6

Played By: 35

Clears: 18

Attempts: 86

Clear Rate: 20.93%

World Record: 1:23.566 (TrashPlus)

Uploaded: 4/29/2020

Super Mario Bros. (Glitched!)

Course ID: KV3-682-72G

Description:  Imagine pulling out a classic cartridge of the original Super Mario Bros. and popping it into your NES for some good old retro platforming nostalgia.  But, no matter how many times you pull the cart in and out of the system and blow into it, you can't seem to get it to work properly.  Disaster has struck as garbage pixels infest your screen.  The Glitch Gremlin has arrived, and he has "sh*t all over your game" with his glitches.  Still, you are determined to power through and enjoy your favorite game in spite of the Glitch Gremlins efforts.

Likes: 24

Played By: 91

Clears: 53

Attempts: 236

Clear Rate: 22.45%

World Record: 0:32.854 (OctoWheatS)

Uploaded: 5/2/2020

Blades of Steel Returns

Course ID: 33M-JT6-VWF

Description:  Grab a helmet from the locker room and hit the ice for a Sudden Death OT game of hockey.  Be the first to score and win it all.  But be warned, the tension is so high that if the opposing teams scores, it will surely trigger a bench-clearing brawl!

Likes: 10

Played By: 45

Clears: 21

Attempts: 114

Clear Rate: 17.85%

World Record: 0:13.415  (hello123to)

Uploaded: 5/8/2020

Mario Plays NES Games 3

Course ID: VGR-63W-WWG

Description:  Mario returns home to enjoy three more classic NES games on his Nintendo Entertainment System.  Turn the NES on and hop inside the TV to play a hole in "Golf", and also play a level of "Donkey Kong 3", and "Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)".  In "Golf", time your "Putt" so that your Golf Ball (Beetle Shell) meets the Spring as it passes through the center of the "Accuracy Meter".  In "Donkey Kong 3", use the Superball Flower as Stanley the Bugman's "Bug Spray" to defeat Donkey Kong (Boom Boom) while the Beehives (Pipes) release waves of Bugs (Cheep Cheeps) against you.  Then, enjoy a complete stage of Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) 1-2 including Subspace, Vase Interiors, and a Cursed Key.

Likes: 6

Played By: 15

Clears: 7

Attempts: 47

Clear Rate: 14.89%

World Record: 4:08.806 (-iju6)

Uploaded: 5/13/2020

Game & Watch 40th Anniversary

Course ID: 0W4-VWC-TTG

Description:  In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Game & Watch created by Gunpei Yokoi, I have created 9 unique single screen games played inside variations of Game & Watch handhelds with different skins.  The games are "Carnival", "Claw Game", "Super Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong", "Air Assault", "Inferno", "Crazy Coaster", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "The Legend of Zelda".

Likes: 12

Played By: 45

Clears: 22

Attempts: 213

Clear Rate: 10.32%

World Record: 1:36.613 (_YunOmi)

Uploaded: 5/19/2020

Dragon Fire Returns (Easy Mode)

Course ID: 85R-2H1-M9G

Description: This is a remake of my "Dragon Fire Returns" course at an easier level.  There are still 3 drawbridges and treasure vaults, but the drawbridges do not have added hazards on subsequent crossings.  Also, 2 checkpoints have been added after the completion of the first and second drawbridges.  For completionists, there are Red Coins to collect which will open a True Ending path to the top of the Flagpole, but this is not required to beat the course.

Likes: 5

Played By: 18

Clears: 6

Attempts: 51

Clear Rate: 11.76%

World Record: 0:28.334 (Justin5.0)

Uploaded: 5/24/2020

Smurf Rescue Coleco (Easy Mode)

Course ID: TYC-83W-7NF

Description: This is a recreation of my version of "Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" as if played on Skill Level 1 on Coleco Vision. Smurfette has been kidnapped by Gargamel again. Your Smurf must still leave Smurf Village and travel through a forest and cave to reach Gargamel's Castle to rescue her, but this time there are less difficult jumps, no bats, and no spiders.  Two checkpoints have been added.  I also added springs before each jump.  But you only need to use the springs if you intend to collect the Red Coins which are necessary only for the completely optional "True Ending".  

Likes: 1

Played By: 4

Clears: 2

Attempts: 14

Clear Rate: 14.28%

World Record: 1:04.030 (kirbyboiYT)

Uploaded: 6/1/2020

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Some folks over at Atari Age had requested some screenshots of Downland after I posted in the Tandy Computer forum that I had recreated the game as a course in Super Mario Maker 2.  Figured I'd share some of the pics here as well.  The pics of Chamber 1 and Chamber 2 are two vertical screens each (upper and lower).  I edited them together to show the full chamber in each pic.  The course consists of the Title Screen and 10 Chambers recreated from the original game, and a final Chamber containing the Flagpole Exit.  Let me know if you would like to see pics of the other 8 Chambers and I will add them.  Also, let me know if interested in seeing screenshots from the original game for comparison.

Downland (TRS-80 CoCo2)
Course ID: YDQ-723-X5G
Description: This is a recreation of the game "Downland" that was published for the TRS-80 Color Computer in 1983. I stretched each chamber to fill 2 vertical screens, so that Mario's jump mechanic wouldn't make the game too easy.

I plan to periodically add screenshots for the other course creations listed in the OP.  Let me know if there are any courses listed that you would like to see screenshots of first.

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Here are some screenshots from my most popular created level according to amount of players, # of attempts, and most likes given:

Mario Plays NES Games

Course ID: TW6-PMX-VQF
Description: As Mario, go home to your living room for an afternoon of playing three NES classic games on your NES. Turn the NES on and hop inside your TV to play a level of "Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "Super Mario Bros."