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Some folks over at Atari Age had requested some screenshots of Downland after I posted in the Tandy Computer forum that I had recreated the game as a course in Super Mario Maker 2.  Figured I'd share some of the pics here as well.  The pics of Chamber 1 and Chamber 2 are two vertical screens each (upper and lower).  I edited them together to show the full chamber in each pic.  The course consists of the Title Screen and 10 Chambers recreated from the original game, and a final Chamber containing the Flagpole Exit.  Let me know if you would like to see pics of the other 8 Chambers and I will add them.  Also, let me know if interested in seeing screenshots from the original game for comparison.

Downland (TRS-80 CoCo2)
Course ID: YDQ-723-X5G
Description: This is a recreation of the game "Downland" that was published for the TRS-80 Color Computer in 1983. I stretched each chamber to fill 2 vertical screens, so that Mario's jump mechanic wouldn't make the game too easy.

I plan to periodically add screenshots for the other course creations listed in the OP.  Let me know if there are any courses listed that you would like to see screenshots of first.

Last edited by Mandalore76 - on 07 May 2020