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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - My Super Mario Maker 2 level sharing thread

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SuperRetroTurbo said:
Mandalore76 said:

Thanks for the tips.  Yes, I will definitely try it again.

One down. Blackjack stumped me. I'd have to keep notes for that one. I'll go thru them. If you wanna tell me the kaizo levels or one that's exceptional to you, lmk. I wanna break records. I have a few records on most popular levels, now. I think the only tech that I can't do skillfully are midairs. I have executed a number of them but never in game, just practice so anything you have that's going to hone my skills send em my way.

Here's a creator that I came across recently that you may want to follow.  He does a lot of speedrun and technical courses that are probably more in line with the skill honing you are looking for.  


Creator ID:  K72-6YT-QYF

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New Course uploaded this weekend and updated OP.  I had posted a teaser a few days ago that I was working on a "Deluxe" version of "Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash" course now that it had officially crossed the 1,000 Players mark last week.  So, I set about creating a completely new and longer "track".  This one takes place across 2 Laps, but each Lap is it's own track.  The 1st Lap has each player confined to his/her own lane.  The 2nd Lap opens this up to a free for all, with the player in the lead car able to leave obstacles behind to slow down opposing players.  

Mario Maker Kart 1000 CC

Course ID:  5VV-1XX-TLG

Description:  Another Mario Kart inspired level designed with multiplayer mode in mind.  There are 4 available "karts" (Koopa cars) and the ability to activate an obstacle in your opponent's paths along the track.  This course was created to celebrate the milestone of my original "Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash" course reaching 1,000 Players.  As such, the course is a 2 Lap Championship Cup held in Bowser World.

Likes: 3

Played By: 17

Clears: 15

Attempts: 25

Clear Rate:  62.80%

First Clear:  1eeeeeerr

World Record:  0:41.849 (Se7h)

Uploaded:  1/17/2021