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I finished 7-8 2DD-QF2-8QG and 7-9 JYT-003-6DF I am close to finished and I already have enough levels for a second course world. I wish there was a way to get a second or third one by having enough likes as a possible option.

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New course uploaded this weekend and updated to OP.  This was a simple idea for a hockey game that I fully fleshed out into a "loose interpretation" of Blades of Steel for inclusion in my "Returns" Series since Blade of Steel was my favorite hockey game on NES. I spent some time tweaking this one until I got the mechanics to work just the way I wanted them to. I had some fun with it and hope you will too.

Blades of Steel Returns

Course ID: 33M-JT6-VWF

Description: Grab a helmet from the locker room and hit the ice for a Sudden Death OT game of hockey. Be the first to score and win it all. But be warned, the tension is so high that if the opposing teams scores, it will surely trigger a bench-clearing brawl!

Also, while adding this course to the OP, I updated all previous courses stats and added World Record holders (for the names that I was able to type that were not in Japanese - sorry!)

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Zero_Revolution said:
I'll definitely have to check out the levels in this thread now that I'm back into playing the game again. Once I do I will certainly give my thoughts!

I have some levels of my own uploaded as well that are mainly one-offs. (although I'm looking to make a full super world) I'm no level designer but I'm pretty happy with them and would appreciate some feedback! I have ten uploaded but a couple of my favorites:

Soda Pop Pipes: 6KY-GMQ-SCG
Perilous Cave of Wonders: NJ0-35D-H3G
Poki Poki Panic: 7G4-YHC-DPF
Chaotic Neon Madness: 91T-9BG-YQF
Space Zone Neo: MH0-C5P-CVG

I have others with weirdly more likes on my profile if you want to check them out too lol.

Played and completed Space Zone Neo this weekend.  I had some fun with it and even tried my hand at speed running it, but my time was about 10 seconds slower than the World Record Holder.  I gave it a Like and stamped comment.

Next batch of screenshots.

Smurf Rescue (Coleco Vision)
Course ID: PY3-JQV-7DG
Description: My recreation of Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle which was ported to a number of systems in the early 80's, but I played it on my Coleco Vision. Smurfette has been kidnapped by Gargamel. Your Smurf must leave Smurf Village and travel through a forest and cave to reach Gargamel's Castle to rescue her. I recreated the game at one of it's higher levels involving more difficult jumps, bats, and spiders.

And just for fun, here's some comparison screenshots from the original game "Smurf:  Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" on Colecovision:

By the way is a great site for info and screenshots for ColecoVision games (both originally released games, and from the modern homebrew scene).

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New course updated to OP.  This is the third in my ongoing "Mario Plays NES" series.  The first game in the series, "Mario Plays NES Games", exploded in popularity not long after I uploaded it.  It still remains my most successful course ever with over 100 Likes (124) from nearly 700 Players (685) on almost 1400 attempts (1399).  The sequel, "Mario Plays NES Games Too", was uploaded less than 3 weeks later and was also well received.  Among my uploaded courses, it garnered the 3rd most Likes (15), 4th most Players (96), and 5th most Attempts (326). But, it clearly did not receive nearly the high level of praise and attention as the original.  So, even though I did originally plan to continue the series, I ended up putting it on the back burner for a while as I focused on other creations. 

However, with the new "Final" update having been released which introduced the SMB2 mushroom power-up, I began tinkering with recreations of Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) 1-1.  Having uploaded a recreation of it and a Deluxe version, I got the idea to add Super Mario Bros 2 to the "Mario Plays NES" series.  Not wanting to lazily just redo SMB2 1-1 again, I opted for inclusion of 1-2.  It fully includes 3 entries into Subspace, entry into both Vases, and an upgraded Birdo (Wendy) fight which includes a Bill Blaster that shoots out Beetle Shells to represent Eggs that can be thrown back to damage Birdo.  1-2 was also a logical choice, but it allowed the incorporation of the Cursed Key into the level which summons Phanto.

While I was creating the course, I had to think of 2 single screen games that would fit in with the concept.  I opted for a single screen of NES "Golf" where you use a Beetle Shell as the Golf Ball.  There is a Spring that circles the "Green", and you have time your "Putt" so that your "Golf Ball" meets the Spring in the center of your "Accuracy Meter". 

Having done this, I realized that I had completed Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2, but never unlocked the Gameboy Super Ball Flower.  So, I went back into Story Mode, and this time completed all the End Game missions and unlocked it.  I then used the Superball Flower as the theme for a "Donkey Kong 3" inspired course.  You play as Stanley the Bugman, and the Superball is your bug spray.  Boom Boom fills in as Donkey Kong again (reprising his role as the captured DK in my Donkey Kong Jr level in "Mario Play NES Games Too").  And there are Pipes filling in as the Beehives which release Cheep Cheeps as "Bugs".  There is a forced damage section (a vertical line of Donut Blocks that pass through Grinders) at the exit of this level, so that you cannot take the Superball powerup back into Mario's House.

Mario Plays NES Games 3

Course ID: VGR-63W-WWG

Description: Mario returns home to enjoy three more classic NES games on his Nintendo Entertainment System. Turn the NES on and hop inside the TV to play a hole in "Golf", and also play a level of "Donkey Kong 3", and "Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)"

Likes: 1

Played By: 2

Clears: 1

Attempts: 4

Clear Rate: 25.00%

World Record: 4:08.806 (-iju6)

Uploaded: 5/13/2020

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SuperRetroTurbo said:
I noticed you played all of my levels and beat I played a few of yours and got the world record on one. I'll play more soon.

Last night I saw that you had a new course up since last time I checked (Winter Underpants).  Nice use of the winter theme and frozen coin blocks. Played, completed, & Liked it.

New Course Updated to OP.  This is my first attempt at a collection of "single screen games", and my inspiration for it was this year's 40th Anniversary of the Game & Watch.  

Game & Watch 40th Anniversary

Course ID: 0W4-VWC-TTG

Description: In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Game & Watch created by Gunpei Yokoi, I have created 9 unique single screen games played inside variations of Game & Watch handhelds with different skins. The games are "Carnival", "Claw Game", "Super Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong", "Air Assault", "Inferno", "Crazy Coaster", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "The Legend of Zelda".

Likes: 5

Played By: 11

Clears: 6

Attempts: 50

Clear Rate: 12.00%

World Record: 2:10.736 (WD Gast3r)

Uploaded: 5/19/2020

Super Mario Bros. 3 7-fortress 2 GVV-WCC-S4G, Super Mario Bros. 3 7-piranha 2 VXQ-SJ4-X0G andSuper Mario Bros. 3 7-airship LB9-75G-TRF are done. All that is left is world 8 whitch has 11 levels. The fortress level is a good bit harder than the original because it has red pipes and in super mario maker 2 that makes the piranha plants move fast giving you a small window to land on the pipes.

Super Mario Bros. 3 8-big tanks QLB-DVW-CPG, Super Mario Bros. 3 8-battleship J5F-SSP-00H, Super Mario Bros. 3 8-hand trap1 49V-GT5-JKG and Super Mario Bros. 3 8-hand trap2. are done. The battle ship one lacks water and I really wish they had water tiles there is so much you could do with varying water levels in different themes.

Shadownin64 said:
Super Mario Bros. 3 8-big tanks QLB-DVW-CPG, Super Mario Bros. 3 8-battleship J5F-SSP-00H, Super Mario Bros. 3 8-hand trap1 49V-GT5-JKG and Super Mario Bros. 3 8-hand trap2. are done. The battle ship one lacks water and I really wish they had water tiles there is so much you could do with varying water levels in different themes.

I agree.  I also think water tiles are sorely lacking in the tools.  You should be able to place sections of water (or lava) without having to change the entire theme to Jungle (or dungeon) and then have to have the water go across the bottom of the entire course.