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New course uploaded this weekend and updated to OP.  This was a simple idea for a hockey game that I fully fleshed out into a "loose interpretation" of Blades of Steel for inclusion in my "Returns" Series since Blade of Steel was my favorite hockey game on NES. I spent some time tweaking this one until I got the mechanics to work just the way I wanted them to. I had some fun with it and hope you will too.

Blades of Steel Returns

Course ID: 33M-JT6-VWF

Description: Grab a helmet from the locker room and hit the ice for a Sudden Death OT game of hockey. Be the first to score and win it all. But be warned, the tension is so high that if the opposing teams scores, it will surely trigger a bench-clearing brawl!

Also, while adding this course to the OP, I updated all previous courses stats and added World Record holders (for the names that I was able to type that were not in Japanese - sorry!)

Last edited by Mandalore76 - on 11 May 2020