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Forums - Sony Discussion - When are you buying the PS5?


When are you picking it up?

Pre-ordering ASAP. 39 23.78%
Launch day, launch week or so. 29 17.68%
Nah, first 12 months or so 19 11.59%
I need to see that sequel... 12 7.32%
Eventualy after some deal 27 16.46%
No clue 38 23.17%
COKTOE said:
Close to launch, but not launch day. I'm not dealing with long lines, standing around people who are laying face-down in filth on the sidewalk, then a switch is flipped and it's waves of onrushing savages.

Is this still a thing? Just preorder it on Amazon (or some other online shop) and let it deliver to your home at launch day.

The last time I left the house for a console launch was 2006 when I picked up my preordered Wii... and even then I didn't have to wait in the store (or in front of the store).

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Pre Ordering most likely as soon as it is available. The only console maker I do not buy day one for is XBox.

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Not at release, already decided to get Xbox Scarlett at launch instead, because my standard XB1 is more outdated than my PS4 Pro. I will get PS5 a year or two later, after it's first big price drop and some exclusives that I care about like Horizon 2 and Spiderman 2 release.

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Just give me enhanced 100% ps4 backwards compatibility, and day one for sure!

Depends on if it is going to be my main console or not. If it is my main I’m sure I’ll get it pretty quickly. If it isn’t then I will want until there is an exclusive I really want to play.

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Already pre order it.


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xl-klaudkil said:
Already pre order it.

But we don't even know the price yet, lol.

Are sites already taking random values to guarantee preorders?

I'm going to preorder regardless, but may cancel if its $600. The fact that it's backwards compatible and probably wont launch with any games I wanna play will make me hesitate. May wait til holiday 2021 with some bundles or something.

Day One.

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If they have some dope launch games it will be day one.