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I would prefer waiting for Persona 6 and FFXVI I don’t see SE launching with FFXVI along side PS5 release date.
FFVIIR II might be within launch period for PS5 along side PS4.
Although a good feeling that MHW 2 will be a Jan. release date for 2021 for ps4 and PS5.
So I don’t see buying PS5 for those games that I can play on PS4.
So it’s Sony, call of duty, assassin creed, and sports game.
Back log will also be an issue for me. I have huge back logs. .

Although this might be the first time I will buy a PS console day but I would prefer a limited PS5 console so one of the reason I might hold back.
But I have the feeling Sony will be very aggressive with PS5 so there’s that.