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KratosLives said:

I would love to be able to hold out for atleast 1 year, for the revised models with a most likely upgraded fan for less noise, and power consumption. But the temptation will be too strong i believe. 

BraLoD said:
setsunatenshi said:
pre-order ASAP of course, why wait!?

There are several reasons.

Waiting for a price drop if the price is too much for you.

Waiting for one or more games that appeal to you so you'll have a good reason to get it.

Waiting for reports of the issues a new hardware is bound to have, if they are big you might want to wait.

Waiting for the full reveal of both it and the new XBOX if you are undecided which might be a better choice for you.

And so on.

Personally if I could get it for a good price I would get it asap because I know the PlayStation will be the best choice for me before it even releases, because it has always been.

But here in Brazil for example what will cost people in USA $500 at launch (I guarantee that's the price) will cost around $1200, and I really don't plan on supporting that kind of ridiculous pricing or even spending that much money by itself, so I'll have to wait a good time until production of the system start to be done here and they slash the price to something like $800, then Sony slash the system price to $400 and some place makes a good deal for $600 so I can feel not abused enough and go get it.

So it's sadly not that simple as go and pre order it asap for a lot of places out there, but sure, if I could buy it for $500 at launch I would go for it without a second thought xD

Worthy of consideration to be sure.

And BraLod, those prices....not that I wasn't aware of console costs in Brazil.....but ouch. Doesn't either MS or Nintendo manufacture in Brazil to keep costs down? I can't remember, but think I read that one of them does. 

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