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Once again, we are at the doors of the Nintendo Direct. So, as it is kind of/sort of tradition, let's make a bingo about it.

So, what do you think? What are we going to get? Put your predictions here, either with an image or with just writting.

Here are the templates.


You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Same thing as every year.

Well, let's see...

Animal crossing in 2019 Nindie Trailer Astral Chain gameplay New IP Old IP returning after long absense
3rd party games reel Daemon X Machina trailer and release date Metroid prime 4  Microsoft announcement Tokio Mirage Sessions port
New Paper Mario Super Mario Maker 2 DLC Bowser (free space for Doug) Mario & Sonic Tokio Olympics trailer and release date Rune Factory 4 release date
Shantae 5 Trailer and release date A hero from Dragon Quest for Smash Marvel Ultimate Alliance trailer Persona 5 Scramble trailer New Advance Wars
 New F-Zero SNES games for Switch Online Fire Emblem: 3 Houses gameplay and demo Yokai Watch 4 Some very unexpected 3rd party game coming to Switch.

I think I'll leave it at that. Actually had problems coming up with enough new stuff, as Nintendo already has brought so many flagship games to the switch.

Hollow Knight: Silksong release date Freedom Planet 2 Style Savvy 5 ARMS 2 baby A bad Smash Bros. newcomer
A good final trailer of Fire Emblem that will shut me up No ports The Wonderful 102 Pikmin 4 Metroid 5
Reggie descends from the heavens one last time to give us Retro Studios' new game Xenoblade Chronicles X-2 FREE SPACE Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Wario game
SMT V doesn't exist Super Mario Bros. 2 in Mario Maker Bayonetta 3 teaser No More Heroes 4 A remake of something
A good Smash Bros. newcomer Collaboration game (Ubisoft, Koei,etc.) SNES games for NSO We get a Tales of too The next step of Kirby

Astral Chain is awesome ! (New Trailer) Mario Kart 9  SMT V new trailer with gameplay/story trailer New Punch-Out ! Monolith Soft teaser for new IP
Fire Emblem Three Houses is not delayed further Ubisoft x Nintendo partnership Eldrick (Dragon Quest) is the new Smash DLC fighter. Bandana Waddle Dee is the new Smash DLC fighter New UNEXPECTED 3rd party exclusive game
Cadence of Hyrule is now available on the Eshop ! New IP by core Nintendo studio Doug Bowser will appear (Free space) Animal Crossing gets shown (and people finally shut up about it) Another theme gets revealed for Super Mario Maker 2
New Xenoblade game is announced (Probably XCX2) Zelda Link's Awakening trailer with stuff not in both original releases Kirby gets a brand new spin-off game (RPG plz ?) Ori & the blind forest port confirmed X-Cloud announced for Switch
Retro Studio reveals a new IP (Or a Star Fox racing game) New Mario Golf game by Camelot Daemon x Machina update gameplay trailer Luigi's Mansion gets further showing Pikmin 4
Banjo is not happening 3:)

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Unlike some of you guys, I'm intentionally leaving out anything that we know for sure will be there.

Another Mario spinoff (not necessarily new series though) Bayonetta 3

Switch Hardware Revision

Labo Astral Chain gameplay
New IP from EPD As if we needed anything else about Pokemon Presented by Doug Bowser Animal Crossing Switch

Mario Kart 9

Earthbound/Mother Sequel Paper Mario

 (free space)

More WiiU Ports New IP from 2nd Party
F-Zero New IP from subsidiary

Nindies Montage

BotW 2 teaser Minecraft Dungeons
Metroid Prime 4 New Amiibo

Pikmin 4

Halo Portable
OR a Nintendo IP mobile game
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I swear it's gonna be 2033 and people will still be predicting Mario Odyssey DLC to come out.

mZuzek said:
I swear it's gonna be 2033 and people will still be predicting Mario Odyssey DLC to come out.

Reminds me when people wouldn't stop predicting Galaxy 3

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Mar1217 said:
mZuzek said:
I swear it's gonna be 2033 and people will still be predicting Mario Odyssey DLC to come out.

Reminds me when people wouldn't stop predicting Galaxy 3

I mean, that's not too likely either, but at least it's a new game people are hoping for, there's always a chance Nintendo would just randomly decide to do another Galaxy sequel when making a new Mario game. DLC's, though, usually are announced up to a certain amount of time after a game's release, and I'm pretty sure that time is normally a lot shorter than 20 months. But, to each their own, I suppose.

I'm not a bingo guy, but I'm predicting

- Animal Crossing trailer and release date (December 6th), they spend some serious time on this one
- Luigi's Mansion 3 trailer and release window (Spring 2020)
- Pokémon Sword & Shield talk including everything we heard about in the Pokémon Direct and nothing new
- second Astral Chain trailer, delayed to November 1st
- Pikmin 4 teaser in the style of the Metroid Prime 4 one
- Bayonetta 3 mini-trailer a la 2014 BotW trailer. Ends with vague "2020" which will become 2021 by next year's E3.
- Indie game reel, ending with a slightly more in-depth Silksong trailer
- 3rd party games reel
- Some random new 3rd party collaboration exclusive will be announced for release in Spring 2020
- Launch trailer for Super Mario Maker 2
- "Speaking of games about making things", starts talking about that new Minecraft stuff
- Steve is the second DLC character for Smash, will be available TONIGHT

And that'll be it.

Edit: well, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 somewhere in there, I suppose.