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Hollow Knight: Silksong release date Freedom Planet 2 Style Savvy 5 ARMS 2 baby A bad Smash Bros. newcomer
A good final trailer of Fire Emblem that will shut me up No ports The Wonderful 102 Pikmin 4 Metroid 5
Reggie descends from the heavens one last time to give us Retro Studios' new game Xenoblade Chronicles X-2 FREE SPACE Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Wario game
SMT V doesn't exist Super Mario Bros. 2 in Mario Maker Bayonetta 3 teaser No More Heroes 4 A remake of something
A good Smash Bros. newcomer Collaboration game (Ubisoft, Koei,etc.) SNES games for NSO We get a Tales of too The next step of Kirby