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Well, let's see...

Animal crossing in 2019 Nindie Trailer Astral Chain gameplay New IP Old IP returning after long absense
3rd party games reel Daemon X Machina trailer and release date Metroid prime 4  Microsoft announcement Tokio Mirage Sessions port
New Paper Mario Super Mario Maker 2 DLC Bowser (free space for Doug) Mario & Sonic Tokio Olympics trailer and release date Rune Factory 4 release date
Shantae 5 Trailer and release date A hero from Dragon Quest for Smash Marvel Ultimate Alliance trailer Persona 5 Scramble trailer New Advance Wars
 New F-Zero SNES games for Switch Online Fire Emblem: 3 Houses gameplay and demo Yokai Watch 4 Some very unexpected 3rd party game coming to Switch.

I think I'll leave it at that. Actually had problems coming up with enough new stuff, as Nintendo already has brought so many flagship games to the switch.