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Beside Animal Crossing, LM3 and other things already anounced, 3rd part wise:
-GTA V (I will keep hoping for a port until the death of the console)
-The Witcher 3
-new unexpected 3rd party title, not indie but not AAA either, like a PS3 port

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Hiku said:

"John Wick is back with a pencil"

Now I want to see a Mii fighter skin for that. XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Mario Galaxy 1/2 ported Bayonetta 3

Splatoon 3

Octopath 2 shown Super Mario Party 2
Mario RPG series comes to Switch Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dragon Quest protagonist added to Smash Animal Crossing Switch

Fallout Port

Pikmin 4 Astral Chain looks awesome

 (free space)

BotW 2 New IP from 2nd Party
Pokemon S/S get another trailer New IP from subsidiary

Indie montage

Mario Odyssey 2 Fire Emblem Trailer
Metroid Prime 4 mentioned New 'Warriors' game


Older Dragon Quests get ported (DS/Mobile versions) Donkey Kong

Game of the show so far is Just Dance 2020 for Wii, just to put the bullet in the head of the ten-year life cycle nonsense...consoles with high user bases have long tails folks.

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- No Man's Sky
- Metroid 2d
- Wario Ware
- The Witcher 3
- Tetris 99 DLC
- Ori and the Will of the Wisps
- Bayonetta 3 video
- Animal Crossing details
- Luigi's Mansion 3 video


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Something Metroid

(Trilogy, 2D,etc)

The Witcher 3 is real

Second DLC for Smash

Available after Direct

Third DLC for Smash

end of summer

Pikmin 4 won't happen

First look at Bayonetta 3


Animal Crossing trailer+release date Link's Awakening in December Ni No Kuni is a no brainer I guess Wario Ware in 2020

Mario Maker 2

1 New style

A reel of a few 3rd party ports

(Nier Automata ?)


Cadence of Hyrule

available now

Hollow Knight Silksong

release date

Bravely Default 3 teased Luigi's Mansion 3 is awesome ! Astral Chain Somes Microsoft published games

Mario Strikers is the next sports game

Monolith Soft project teased No Retro, again... One last au revoir to Rggie

Persona 5

I still believe it'll happen

Splatoon 3 teased for 2020

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Chibi robo Chibi robo FREE SPACE Chibi robo Chibi robo

Chibi robo (or riot!) Chibi robo Wario ware Chibi robo Wii sports resurrection

Chibi robo Riiiidge raceeeer! Chibi robo Rush 3 Chibi robo



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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Well, let's see...

Animal crossing in 2019 Nindie Trailer Astral Chain gameplay New IP Old IP returning after long absense
3rd party games reel Daemon X Machina trailer and release date Metroid prime 4  Microsoft announcement Tokio Mirage Sessions port
New Paper Mario Super Mario Maker 2 DLC Bowser (free space for Doug) Mario & Sonic Tokio Olympics trailer and release date Rune Factory 4 release date
Shantae 5 Trailer and release date A hero from Dragon Quest for Smash Marvel Ultimate Alliance trailer Persona 5 Scramble trailer New Advance Wars
 New F-Zero SNES games for Switch Online Fire Emblem: 3 Houses gameplay and demo Yokai Watch 4 Some very unexpected 3rd party game coming to Switch.

I think I'll leave it at that. Actually had problems coming up with enough new stuff, as Nintendo already has brought so many flagship games to the switch.

Pretty bad results for me...

Mar1217 said:
Astral Chain is awesome ! (New Trailer) Mario Kart 9  SMT V new trailer with gameplay/story trailer New Punch-Out ! Monolith Soft teaser for new IP
Fire Emblem Three Houses is not delayed further Ubisoft x Nintendo partnership Eldrick (Dragon Quest) is the new Smash DLC fighter. Bandana Waddle Dee is the new Smash DLC fighter New UNEXPECTED 3rd party exclusive game
Cadence of Hyrule is now available on the Eshop ! New IP by core Nintendo studio Doug Bowser will appear (Free space) Animal Crossing gets shown (and people finally shut up about it) Another theme gets revealed for Super Mario Maker 2
New Xenoblade game is announced (Probably XCX2) Zelda Link's Awakening trailer with stuff not in both original releases Kirby gets a brand new spin-off game (RPG plz ?) Ori & the blind forest port confirmed X-Cloud announced for Switch
Retro Studio reveals a new IP (Or a Star Fox racing game) New Mario Golf game by Camelot Daemon x Machina update gameplay trailer Luigi's Mansion gets further showing Pikmin 4
Banjo is not happening 3:)

My last comment didn't age well,lol. I'd still prefer Bandana Dee but oh well good to see Banjo back in better hands than Microsoft :P

Now, if only Trials of Mana remake was exclusive to the Switch it would've made my bingo easier ! Wasn't my greatest bingo card sadly :(

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