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Forums - PC Discussion - John Romero's Sigil for the original Doom

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So, John Romero, one of the creators of the original Doom games, is releasing an unofficial fifth edisode, named Sigil, for the original Doom. It'll be released as a free mod in February, 2019, as well as limited physical editions with some fairly cool stuff.

Here's some more material if you want to learn more:

So, any thoughts on this? Personally I think this seems fairly cool. I think the 'proper' soundtrack comes only with the expensive ($40 or $166, depending on the edition) physical release though, which is a pity, but otherwise, I'm definitely not complaining. Oh, you do get Romero's head on a spike with the more expensive edition, so there's that.

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Sounds like my wallet is doomed

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Definitely something to look forward to. I find there's something intangible that makes the original creators' maps special, so to have a whole new set in that same vain is a very enticing prospect for sure.

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Will his head be on a pike again? XD

kirby007 said:
Sounds like my wallet is doomed

It's free. Although you need the original Doom. The engine is free for a long time and has many spinoffs, ports and extension that allow to play Doom on modern machines. But you probably need the original WAD for assets.

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What happened to Blackroom?

gtotheunit91 said:
What happened to Blackroom?

What's Blackroom?

Blackroom was announced back in 2016 that John Romero and fellow id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack were working on. Supposed to be an ode to old school FPS games in the modern day, but haven't heard anything for almost 2 years now

CaptainExplosion said:
Will his head be on a pike again? XD

Physically? Yes. In the game? I have no idea.

Zkuq said:
CaptainExplosion said:
Will his head be on a pike again? XD

Physically? Yes. In the game? I have no idea.

I mean in the game! XD