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Forums - Gaming Discussion - John Bain/Total Biscuit has passed away


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Damn it hurts

Sad to see him losing the battle after such a long fight, rest in peace.

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Gonna fire up one of his old videos for the memories.

I'm going to miss him :(


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That's so sad. He was so young.

Rest in Peace...

33 years old?
That is way too young to pass on. Cancer is just the worst.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all his family, friends, and loved ones.
May he Rest in Peace.

Sucks that he died so young. Never watched his videos,but damn only 33? that's way too young to go.

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It feels so weird, to know that he will no longer be around, to give publishers and bad devs alike a shake of the stick.

Miss you already TB. RIP big guy.

That's way...way too young. What an absolutely terrible disease. Rest in Peace.

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