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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners: where do you stand on Yooka Laylee?

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Which category are you?

I'm buying it 11 21.57%
I was going to buy it, but not now 13 25.49%
I already bought it for PS4/X1/PC 10 19.61%
I was never interested 17 33.33%

Well, after a long wait, it's finally upon us; the Nintendo release of Yooka Laylee.

So what say those of you who have a Switch? Will you buy it? Will you skip it? Did you originally plan on buying it but changed your mind for whatever reason? Did you already buy it on another system?

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I have already too many games to play and finished on my Switch and other consoles to even care about a port that shouldn't have taken this much time.

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Skip. I dislike the company due to some instances on twitter, as well as some decisions they made. If I ever buy it, it will be if they release a physical edition and I'll buy it used.

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Skipping. Rented the game on Xbox from Redbox. Talk about disappointment. It feels similar to many modern adaptions of classics people enjoy. They don't bring out the special nature of them, but only carry on the flaws (sometimes to an even worse degree).

Not disappointed anymore however. Odyssey is easily a top 10 platformer, so I can ignore it without issue

I can buy it for $15 for the ps4 on the psn store or buy $40 on the switch? I think ill skip both

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I was going to get it on Switch but they didn't release it so I had to get it for PS4. I actually liked it. No, it wasn't Banjo good, but not much is.

Pinkie_pie said:
I can buy it for $15 for the ps4 on the psn store or buy $40 on the switch? I think ill skip both


Skipping. Games like Banjo have aged horribly.

I really enjoyed it on the PS4, I'm tempted to double dip on this and Sonic Mania.

SegataSanshiro said:
Skipping. Games like Banjo have aged horribly.

Do they? Because I first played it back in 2014 and it's one of my favorite games ever.