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The coverage has been pretty extensive on this game already so there really isn't too much I can add other than its a worthy addition to the catalog. I will say that I wish this would've came sooner. A game this massive right before Xenoblade 2 is a decision I have to question. 

On the visual front its a clear step up from the 360 and PS3 versions with better texture work evident on everything I've seen so far. Load times seem a bit better as well. I've only played it in portable mode so I've yet to see how it looks in 900p on the big screen. The switch has become my favorite place to play RPGs in its 9 months on the market as the portability factor makes a huge difference with games like this that are packed full of content.

Worth the 60 if youre looking for another massive adventure on the switch but if the budget is tight then I'd say wait for Xenoblade which imo looks like the better title.

Games are fun.

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Mine just arrived in the mail, looking forward to it as I've just finished Odyssey :)

I had the same dilemma. Xenoblade is right around the corner and, truth be told, I was way more excited for it than Skyrim. Still bought Skyrim but there's no way I finish it before the month ends. It's just one of those games that pads out the library, I guess.


I just wish it supported mods.

I would've bought this if it wasn't to soon after Mario, Doom and to close to Xenoblade. Perhaps Ill buy at a later time.

I played it a bit (12 hours) and I can see that I'll play this game throughout the complete next year. Alongside Xenoblade.

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Junojun said:
I would've bought this if it wasn't to soon after Mario, Doom and to close to Xenoblade. Perhaps Ill buy at a later time.

I understand that. I bought both Mario and Doom on release day along with LA Noire and now this. That's a lot of game in a short time with very little space for the wallet to recover. There are no bad choices in there tho.

Games are fun.

Has the mod issue been addressed by either Nintendo or Bethesda?

Totally agree, coming off the Wii U, I was able to afford all the big titles I wanted for the system, but not the Switch. I really want to support third party devs first week, but it's hard with not having enough time and money lol. I've never supported the "oh Nintendo fans buy Nintendo games over third party" but looking at my Switch library, that's exactly what I've done. I really wanted to get the DBZ, skyrim, doom, Batman and la noire, but unfortunately they were sandwiched between Metroid, Mario and Pokémon, Some of my favorite franchises. Also with Christmas just a month away, I've had to regulate money towards that instead of buying some games lol. So either I'll prob get at least one of those big Third party titles for Christmas, or I'll slowly start picking them up after Christmas.

Might buy this (again) down the road; it would be awesome to have a portable version of this game!

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Junojun said:
I would've bought this if it wasn't to soon after Mario, Doom and to close to Xenoblade. Perhaps Ill buy at a later time.

Isn't that a great way to be though :) where you have a ton of great games and you know that if you manage to work through all of those you have the likes of Skyrim GOTY edition waiting for you.

I have a ton of games to play through now as well and I've got Golf Story, Stardew Valley and King Oddball that I want to buy but haven't had a reason to get the CC out atm since I've a ton to play through, but happy knowing that they're there if needed down the line.

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