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Nogamez said:
Its number two on UK E shop, behind Rocket League. Its even beating Super Mario Odyssey which suprised me. Dooms number 5 too..... not bad really

I thought that was good but eshop sales must be really low because the UK retail charts came out today and Skyrim on Switch has sold less than Doom, and even less than Skyrim VR

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Wyrdness said:
Think Bethesda could find themselves in a Gold Mine that can potentially lead to a Diamond Mine, both Doom and Skyrim are competent conversions of recent releases that are garnering attention. Wolfenstein continuing the trend would boost them establishing themselves among the Switch user base and give them solid footing on future Nintendo platforms.

That's the beauty of taking the initiative when others hang back; if you get there first you can take stake your claim and enjoy a home field advantage in the future.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Still finsihing up some moons in Odyssey and Axiom Verge Multiverse should be arriving in a few days. I'm half inclined to go back and pick up Mario vs Rabbids since both Skyrim and Xenoblade might feel a bit redundant after Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for a price drop down the road.

glad that so many Switch owners are liking it.

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Waiting for it to be on sale (just a little). I have already bought Skyrim twice (though once was for my boyfriend) and I have a lot of other games I need to play first (or finish) too.

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Bought it and loving it but in the corner of my eye I got Xenoblade Chronicles.