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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you ACTUALLY believe that Nintendo is creating artifical Switch shortages?

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Well do you?

i've seen it said time and time again in various sales threads but I somehow can't bring myself to believe some people actually believe it. I mean, I could understand saying it to rile up Nintendo fans, it's surprisingly effective and fun but not actually believing it.

To be clear, I'm not talking about Nintendo setting aside units for big release weeks, I'm talking about people who really think Nintendo has loads of Switch consoles hiding somewhere and they're not shipping them to retailers who are begging for supply just because they want game sites to publish articles about stock issues.

To me that is pretty crazy but who knows maybe some users here can make sense of it?

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but you should know, i also believe the earth is flat

Nope. The Wii sold because it was a revolutionary idea and people couldn't wait to play it. There were shortages then and from the very beginning people were claiming "Nintendo always does this." The WiiU was a me-too idea and never gained traction...and there were plenty of WiiUs in stock from the beginning. If Nintendo's strategy is to keep stock low to attract more users they didn't even implement it during that launch. Here we are at the Switch, again a revolutionary product, and we're seeing the shortages. And just as with the Wii, follow the numbers and you'll find that they are producing and shipping at capacity.

celador said:

but you should know, i also believe the earth is flat

Fair enougth!! hahaha

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It's just a dumb way to downplay someone's success. Tbh I didn't see any benefit for the company with creating artificial shortage, well apart from fooling customer that their product is a hot item. But it still hurt their image and reduce their revenue so it's a huge risk with little reward.

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No.And the people that says such a thing, for the most part, are the ones that usually has something against Nintendo for some reason.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

The game tagged should be Realms of Delusion. If a game with that title isn't made, someone must make it. The whole premise would be a sim where you wear a tin foil hat and spam forums about Switch conspiracies.

I'd like to hear a logical reason as to why Nintendo would deliberately do this.



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No. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. That sale you failed to make today might not be there tomorrow.

Does a shortage drive demand somewhat? Does it create a positive impression for your product? Yes, but it's not worth the risk to purposefully manipulate the market and it's an awfully short-sighted tactic. The upside is relatively minor and probably doesn't even make up for the downside--and that's without considering the logistics of screwing up your own supply chain.