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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you ACTUALLY believe that Nintendo is creating artifical Switch shortages?

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I ACTUALLY believe that Nintendo is creating less supply than demand. Does anybody with any economic sense ACTUALLY believe that Nintendo would intentionally sell less than they were able to?

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SegataSanshiro said:
burninmylight said:

And lost money for the games that the potential buyer didn't get because the system wasn't available. Sure, the buyer can get those games down the road, but by then, the buyer may have acquired the game on a competing console or lost interest in the game entirely. Not to mention the fact that publishers care about early sales of games more than anything. A publisher, Nintendo included, would rather you buy a game at launch than a year later.

I'm not the norm but I just build a small linrary of games before I have a system for a few months. More people should just do that.

You know, I've actually thought about doing that for the Switch. I was close to getting BotW and a few other games even though I don't yet have one, but then I looked at the Excel document I use to keep track of my backlog of games I have purchased and have yet to even see the title screen on. And I thought about how many of them I could have bought years later for much cheaper before even playing them. And as someone who just now got a PS3 about four months ago, I'm buying the crap out of cheap special/ultimate editions and HD compilations left and right. With all that in mind, I canceled my preorder for BotW and decided Nintendo has already made plenty of first-day money off of me over the years. I can wait.

Can we really rule out Underpants Gnomes involvement?

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