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Hey guys,

I wanted to ask if anyone of you actually plays with his/her switch in the wild/public. And especially where.

I go by train quite a lot and almost never see anyone playing handheld games, not even on a smartphone (besides the hype last year with Pokémon Go, of course). Actually I was surprised to see a girl playing a 2DS yesterday in the tram and this is the first person since at least a year that I see playing on a dedicated handheld device.

When the DS was released, I often saw people playing them in a train or tram (even I did ;)) but this reeaaally got way less in the past few years.

And how often do you see people playing a Switch? Or DS? Or 3DS?

Bonus info: I live in Cologne area in Germany. So feel free to also share your location/country.

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See plenty of people playing mobile games on the train, 3DS are pretty common too, even seen a couple of Vitas, haven't seen a Switch just yet but I expect it's just a matter of time...

I personally don't play mobile/handhelds while travelling, I'm happy just listening to music to pass the time. Sometimes take my Vita or 3DS but never actually end up using it

As for location: Tokyo, Japan.

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My 3DS XL at work during lunch time but I'm usually in my car when I do that, not really out in the wild per say.

I put in at least 45 min to a hour of gameplay. Right now playing Zelda A Link between worlds.



Location: 'Murica


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Only time so far was playing my Switch on a plane ride, propping it up and using the separate joycons playing table top mode. Enjoyed some Zelda and Fast RMX while sipping a gin and tonic, it was pretty damn awesome..


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Ive seen people play 3DS's on trains ect.... but its rare.
Its usually mobile phones & tablets.
Havnt seen anyone with a Switch yet on a bus/train.

Location: denmark

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So far 90% of my Switch time were in handheld mode in the bus and train! That is around 2 hours everyday in weekdays.

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or... complete with reflection of my face and Ministry of Sound headphones enjoying Hyrules sounds.

My Switch is pretty much always with me since I got it, figured it would be pretty scary to lose a €400 piece of kit but then thought... fuck it, Zelda is great, and have it always in my pocket for times when things get boring.

Used at Cafes, Bus and at the beach sat on a rock, climbing rocks... fearing sand and water.


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I saw a wild switch the day I received the Switch but couldn't play it till the next day as I was going out. Seemed like God was mocking me at that moment


I take mine with me regularly when I commute using the bus (in fact, I mostly use the system as a portable; I have only used the dock about 2-3 times for less than 30 minutes). I put the console in one pant pocket and the Joy-Cons in the second pant pocket. I have seen one other person on the bus with the Switch while coming home from university.

I take mine with me but barely play it outside.. actually never play it outside... but I do see people playing 3ds on the bus now and again.

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