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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you want Retro Studios to make next?

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I want to see them make...

A new Metroid 83 41.50%
A game from another existing IP 26 13.00%
A new IP 91 45.50%

If it was up to you, what game would you like to see Retro Studios make next, and why?

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Wow worthy Metroid game or new zomg worthy IP


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New Metroid game, it has been a while.

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I'm dying for a new Metroid atm, but I'd like it if they made a good new IP as well. Nintendo needs some lol.

I mean, that is a difficult question that changes depending on perspective.

What do I want them to make that I want to play? Diddy Kong Racing Returns or a 3D Donkey Kong.

What do I want them to make that is good for Nintendo? A new narrative driven action IP made to attract western gamers to Nintendo.

Well, this is new.


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I'd like to see what they can do with a new IP. And since it's rumored that's what they're doing, it may be more of just a matter of time.

I've said this before, anything but a DK game.


Honestly, I'd be ok with anything, as long as it's ambitious.

I want to see a brand new IP from them that they can call their own.
While all the other subsidiaries at Nintendo get to assist in development with big Nintendo games or the reigns to one of their franchises, they each have at least one IP that came straight from them and they can claim ownership (majority) of.
Game Freak - Pokemon
Monolith Soft. - Xenoblade
Intelligent Systems - Fire Emblem
HAL Laboratory - Kirby
All of those franchises are critically acclaimed and/or financially successful franchises that are apart of Nintendo's portfolio.
For the longest time I've always wanted to see what the developers at Retro were capable of if they came up with their own thing.

A New Donkey Kong Country.


Its way more important than Metroid.


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