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Hello everyone and welcome to the Ultimate Pokemon tournament gen 2 edition! Iceland, RavenXtra, and Slarvax will be your hosts as we vote for the ultimate pokemon based on your favourites! (approved by multiple mods)

How will this work? It's quite simple. You get to vote on your favorite pokemon round after round till there's only one left and is ultimately crowned the winner. If anyone has any suggestions and/or feedback let us know!

Gym 6 will consist of a 3 point, ranked voting system. The 12 Pokemon listed below lost their rounds by a single point. They still have a lot of fight left in them, so tell us which Pokemon you think deserve a second chance!

***For this round pick 3 of the 12 Pokemon and rank them from 1p to 3p. The Pokemon with the highest point count will advance to the semi-finals.***

Example of how to vote in this gym:

3p - Pineco

2p - Sudowoodo

1p - Dunsparce















Gym 1 | 12345678910 |

Gym 2 | 12345 |

Gym 3 | 1234 |

Gym 4 | 123 |

Gym 5 | 1, 2, 3|

Last Round Result:

Tyranitar (12) VS Lugia (11)

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3p Scizor

2p Lugia

1p Crobat

3p Lugia

2p Crobat

1p Steelix

3p. Crobat

2p. Lugia

1p. Scizor

3p Lugia
2p Ledian
1p Croconaw

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I guess Lugia is lucky to have only lost by 1 point in retrospect xD

3p Lugia
2p Scizor
1p Crobat

3p Crobat
2p Lugia
1p Croconaw

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3 - Pineco
2 - Crobat
1 - Lugia

3p Lugia
2p Steelix
1p Scizor

Damn that was close. Too close. I also see what you mean about this gym now Raven but great idea! Gives hope to some of those who just missed out and provides a second chance which is nice to see.

2. Scizor
1. Lugia


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