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Hello everyone and welcome to the Ultimate Pokemon tournament gen 2 edition! Iceland, RavenXtra, and Slarvax will be your hosts as we vote for the ultimate pokemon based on your favourites! (approved by multiple mods)

How will this work? It's quite simple. You get to vote on your favorite pokemon round after round till there's only one left and is ultimately crowned the winner. If anyone has any suggestions and/or feedback let us know!

Gym 5 will feature the classic 1v1 random matchups, you get to vote once per round. We're getting close to the end now! Matches from here on out will be tough!

Tyranitar VS Lugia

Gym 1 | 12345678910 |

Gym 2 | 12345 |

Gym 3 | 1234 |

Gym 4 | 123 |

Gym 5 | 1, 2 |

Last Round Result:

ho-oh (10) VS Entei (12)

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Nooo Ho-oh..


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Need to get one legendary bird in there xD



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