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Forums - Gaming Discussion - And the VGChartz newcomer of the year 2014 is...


That's right folks, ka-pi is your newcomer of the year 2014, joining the VGChartz hall of fame alongside rainbowyoshi (2010 winner and host), nintendopie (2011 winner), kresnik (2012 winner) and wright (2013 winner).

Big thanks to conegamer for co-hosting and to you, the VGChartz community for making this years competition the success it has been.

Fun-fact: ka-pi's the first user with numbers in his name to win :0 could this be the start of a disturbing new trend?

Let's party!

See y'all next year!

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Final: [M1]

Congrats Ka-pi! You made a big impact on your first year and VGC is def better for it. Versus as well for coming in 2nd. Both of you guys made it far for not only your post counts, but because people like the content in your posts. So much respect for both of you


Congrats Ka-Pi!

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No surprise.

ka-pi conrgats on winning this reward that rewards you with no sort of fame, money or glory. but just know, i will always be a better user, person, lover and ping pong player than you.

I'm shocked. In any case, congrats KaPi!

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Congratulation Ka-Pi96!


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