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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rayman DLC in Smash 4? EDIT: DEBUNKED!

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"Let’s get it out of the way: rumors are rumors, and leaks are disproven all the time. That said, a few new images have surfaced on the internet, indicating that Rayman might become a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS.


Despite the best efforts to debunk these images by devoted members of the Smash communities on Reddit, NeoGAF, and 4chan, they appear to be legitimate. The internet’s current consensus is that the character renders for both Mewtwo and Rayman shown in these images are completely new—and as you can see, they’re extremely high-quality renders worthy of being Smash Smash Bros. character portraits. Even running the pictures through FotoForensics, a site known for detecting Photoshopped images, indicates that they have not been forged.


People have gone to great lengths to create fake characters in the past, so don’t get your hopes too high that more character DLC is on the way. But current evidence suggests (and the key word here really is "suggests") that these images are indeed the real deal. That said, the story is still developing, and we’ll keep you up to date on anything more.


- See more at:"


EDIT: Fresh off of SmashBoards: 


2x EDIT: VIDEO!!!:

FINAL EDIT: Well that's an impressive fake:

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If isn't a fail, holy fuck!!!

If this is fake, then it is a fantastic fake.

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Mewtwo right up cannot be unseen. *cross fingers for ice climbers, lucas, wolf, ivyssaur and squirtle*



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Rayman Amiibo perhaps? i remember reading that some 3rd parties were interested in the Amiibo concept.

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FINALLY! Lol, I was way too lazy and didn't feel like making a thread about it. It's so weird to have a 3rd party character that isn't iconic.

lol, those eyebrows look ridiculous. And it goes back to 4chan as far as I know (no legit source).

I'd only believe if there was an in-game character model. Menus are easy to photoshop.

episteme said:
And it goes back to 4chan as far as I know (no legit source).

the ESRB Leak (which leaked the whole rest of the roster before release) origniated from 4chan too. 

Wasn't it already confirmed that Mewtwo would be the only DLC? It looks good but I'm going to stay cautious...

Also, they use the exact same model for all three Rayman pics...

looks legit...