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It seems like every time some EA against Nintendo news come out, Ubi steps right up and supports Nintendo. Not such a bad business move, works for me at least. As far as I have seen on forums all over the place, not to mention Miiverse, everyone seems quite pissed about the whole EA situation, but it seems like Ubi will enjoy a few extra sales for it. I'm planning to buy 3 ubisoft games on my wii u this fall, and I'm really hoping they won't drown completely in Zelda and Mario. but I think Ubisoft have claimed a few extra sales, not to mention goodwill from Nintendo fans.


What do you think?

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I see nothing lost for Ubisoft.

Building any good will with fans, is a good move. Not like they are making exclusives. It is smart move, and honestly I think EA is the only one that might suffer (PR wise), because individuals like me who do own all consoles, will likely go out of my way not to support a company that sort of is very unprofessional in nature.


How did Ubisoft step up and support Nintendo?

HikenNoAce said:
How did Ubisoft step up and support Nintendo?


I'm talking about them supporting the Wii U.

i love ubisoft. i mean i liked splinter cell and ghost recon, and all tha support to xbox. but now with ac3 liberation on vita and zombiu on wiiu... i love them. they are not fake and they support good hardware with original high quality content. and theyre successful at it. you gotta love that.

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well from what ive seen all of the Ninty fanboys i used to know would ride Ubi's cock just as much as Nintendo's just for there support. so i presume the hardcore Ninty fans are more likely to buy a Ubi game now because of their great support

Well they lost me with Rayman legends. I mean they didnt lose my support for their games they just lost me for that one game.

It was something special then they push it back weeks before it should release and my YEAH I CAN FINALLY PLAY THIS NEXT MONTH turned into WHAT? HALF A YEAR NOW? I'LL DO SOMETHING ELSE.

I might buy it when it hits $10 on whatever system. Since I have PC 360 PS3 and WiiU. But its not on my radar anymore. It would have come out in a time with no games and I would have bought it VS NOW a time full of Nintendo games etc. It was needed in April not 6 months later....

And saying that they could not release it on WiiU because some idiots would not buy it on Ps360 because they would feel it was an old game? LOL? What about the people that are supposed to buy 2 year old DeusEx or 1 year old MassEffect without trilogy on WiiU?

The additional content that was added during the "port-time" could easily be added to WiiU as free DLC.

^ that was there one big mistake

It wasn't that long ago that some Nintendo fans were talking about boycotting the next Rayman game. I guess the EA situation calmed that kind of sentiment down pretty swiftly.

The problem with the Wii U, from a business standpoint, is that the multi-platform titles being produced right now are for the PS3/360. Relative to those platforms, the Wii U installed base is not only close to insignificant, it also likely has a high level of redundancy, meaning that many of the owners also own a PS3 or 360. In business, redundancy means lost money. Honestly, if I had a game development studio, I don't know if I would make the investment to create a Wii U version of a PS3/360 game. It really makes very little practical sense and, for most titles, will probably offer a lousy return. I'm not sure anyone should really hold it against a developer for quietly passing on the Wii U.

Moving into the next gen, the Wii U faces another problem, in that games might eventually move beyond its capabilities from a technical standpoint. I think that's why Epic basically said the Unreal Engine 3 is good enough for the Wii U.

Still, the real litmus test for the Wii U will be if it gets NEXT gen games, not PREVIOUS gen games. Publishers producing PS3/360 ports for the Wii U really aren't helping their bottom line much at all, and it should probably be seen as a kind of favor to Nintendo and Nintendo gamers. Or perhaps they're just trying to build the platform, or build positive PR.

There is a real chance that the Wii U will mostly be a Mario box. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as many Nintendo fans seem fixated on Nintendo games. Despite what some people want to believe, this has a lot to do with choices Nintendo made and is very much their responsibility. The business world isn't a charity, you can't expect people to step in and make your product a success for you. You have to give them reasons why they should, something which Nintendo hasn't shown much interest in doing until recently.

I still think the Wii U will be a modest success, but I also think it will show that the baseline for a Nintendo console is closer to the GameCube than the Wii. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but most of the responsibility does go to Nintendo.

IsawYoshi said:
HikenNoAce said:
How did Ubisoft step up and support Nintendo?


I'm talking about them supporting the Wii U.

Is this like the support they gave to the PSP? Crappy, outsourced titles like Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon? Talk is talk, but untill I see some trully quality games for the WiiU from them, its like giving nothing. If they would have been that conmfident in the system, Rayman would be out already.

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