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How is the VGChartz mod team doing?

It's doing a great job. 299 32.97%
It's doing okay. 143 15.77%
It's not doing well. 432 47.63%

We were discussing this over AIM, and we thought it would be a good idea to gauge just how most people feel about how we are doing.

If you do think we're doing badly, please do post and tell us why. We want to do the best job we can, and your unhappiness doesn't help us unless it is explained. And if you think we're doing well, then a nice comment and any ideas for improvement that you have would be nice as well.

Remember to stay civil. Discussion and intelligent critiques are welcome. Site bashing and insulting the moderators are not.

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I think you're doing a great job, keep it up guys! The new mods are good (though I only see 3 doing any moderating), regardless of what people say.

(Still can't believe I missed the application thread, next time...)


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

One quick thing, though. I don't get why a banned user has all of their posts removed. It can really ruin a thread if an op is gone, for example, and it ruins the flow of the thread. Sure, remove moderated posts or the post which caused the moderation, but every post?

Also, a response to a report which you send, even if just an acknowledgement, would be nice.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Best moderation team since i am on vgchartz.

Good work !!!


Doing well imo. New mods seem to have got the hang of it quickly. Keep up the good work guys. If I have any suggestions I will post them.

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About the same as before the new mods. Only difference is a few of the new mods seem to be far too strict.

Best group we have had in my time here I think (almost 5 years).

Seem level headed, calm and mature. The odd bit of bias along console of choice lines (which is inevitable) but nothing too silly.

I'm not really here!

alrighty, I'll start things off a bit then.

I like how quickly things are moving along, that's always nice to see when new mods are brought on. It sucks when a moderator job is up for more than a few hours so it's nice to see that notification on my screen going away relatively quickly.

I have seen a number of moderations that seemed overly harsh, and, to me, don't remain consistent. This has been a problem for a while but it remains that it seems like some posters can get away with relative murder which I'm never a fan of.

Also notice sometimes moderations are done because something is annoying instead of it necessarily being against the rules. Can't fall too far into this because then users don't know why things are being moderated while others aren't and you end up moderating based on personal preference which is something I dislike about the Gaf forums.

Finally a few mods seem to have too thin of a skin. It's important to remember that as a mod not only is it expected that you'll almost always be on your best forum behavior, but you have to be willing to take a little abuse here and there without reprisal to keep things moving smoothly on the forums.

Overall I think you're doing well, and as I mentioned I'm glad that jobs are being done quickly. I've seen no noticeable bias on a platform basis which is always good, and I'm happy to see people who are active on the forums as mods again.


Definitely the best mod team this far, a healthy team spirit that wants the good of the people here and are open to suggestion.

A few minor overly strict rulings at first but everything was addressed I am really happy with all of it.

The only thing I would ask is that some of the staff that are versed in computers could help with site bugs and the need of sales tool. That will be fundamental as the next gen is at hand.

My only other complaint is I'd like more often than not to see those who disturb a thread be expelled at least for a time (maybe not a ban or a warning but a temporary hold off a thread for a poster), and leave the  thread unlocked. This ties in to my first request (better forum tools).

Other than that, a very nice team you guys but together. I also want to see more mod-made threads, those always tend to get the most interest and that makes it exciting. Smeags, a new top-50 thread? Mr. Khan, when't your next thread?

Anyways, keep it up and great job.

It's good. My first 3 moderations were completely justified, but I didn't like the reasoning for my last ban, the only thing I should of been banned for is calling someone a tool, and it was a 3 day ban when it should of been 1 (based on the bans normally handed out for insults). That's really my only complaint, so it's great actually :)