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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I think I'm done with shooters. How about you?

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Will you keep buying shooters for the next couple years?

Hell yeah! My favorite genre! 14 17.07%
Maybe a couple, but not many at full price. 32 39.02%
Used or nothing, I'm getting burned out. 13 15.85%
Screw shooters. I'm not ... 23 28.05%

At least for a while. That's not to say I won't keep playing what I own. I'm really enjoying Gears 3 online and local, and I still play Black Ops + Bots with friends on the couch. Team Fortress 2 with its addictive loot system can keep me going for a while on PC as well. We even pop in Halo: Reach every once in a while for some four player Infection on custom made maps....

But I think that's it. I have enough. These games are made to be replayed, and that's what I'm going to do. Replay them. I'm not buying more shooters. Certainly not outside of extremely low used costs (under $20) or Steam sales. Frankly, the removal of bots and four player splitscreen from most shooters has dampened the funnest part of the genre for me, which is playing socially with real friends in one room talking trash and getting trashed. Sorry, but online just doesn't make up for that. 

So, does anyone else feel the same? 

Edit: To clarify I'm referring to military multiplayer shooters, not hybrid games like Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted 3, RAGE, Half-Life, and Borderlands. These use shooting as a combat mechanic but also feature other combat and gameplay mechancis, such as exploration, customization, and puzzle-solving. 

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I am years ahead of you.

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Hell yeah, GE Wii, KZ3 and the occasional BLOPS is enough for me. Might pick up Resistance when the price drops and i agree about the lack of four player splitscreen. Just devs being lazy. Ironically im most looking forward to Bioshock Infinite which has no multi component

I don't think I've ever actually played a shooter for real - Voted screw shooters! :3

I'm not buying MW3 nor BF3 even though I was a HUGE CoD fan (2+KD in Blops and MW2). But I'm just not enjoying those games anymore. I'll be buying UC3, but I don't consider it a shooter (primarily) and I won't be playing it online. So no shooters for me until Halo 4.

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I was done with shooters after Doom 2.

I'll still be buying several of the high quality shooters that come out over the years, not even close to all of them though.

I love FPS games, it's a great genre. I love other genres too, but I always go back to Halo for thrills.

No. I think I will always have fun playing them. But sadly I am mainly just a Nintendo guy.

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I feel the same way; but since Gears technincaly is Third person, the gameplay in these kinds of shooters still differientiates itself from first person shooters. In other words you can actualy see the character in action and be more aware of your suroundings.