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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I think I'm done with shooters. How about you?

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Will you keep buying shooters for the next couple years?

Hell yeah! My favorite genre! 14 17.07%
Maybe a couple, but not many at full price. 32 39.02%
Used or nothing, I'm getting burned out. 13 15.85%
Screw shooters. I'm not ... 23 28.05%

It's been 2 generations since I played a shooter.




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Idk but I will say my interest in fps has gone down a bit. Uncharted is day one though.

RolStoppable said:
I am years ahead of you.

I am years ahread of both of you.

i always like shooters FPS and TPS as long as i like/can relate to there weapons, environment, story, and characters


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I get sick of shooters every now and then, but I haven't played one for a while, I have a thirst for MW3.

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I only buy very few classical Shooters anyway. I am going to buy BF3 sometime this year since its my favorite MP Shooter Franchise. But thats it for the next years. I will buy shooters with good storys combined with adventure (rpg) elements like Bioshock/Half Life/Borderlands though.

They are shooters but are not like Cod/BF/KZ. I like the SP story driven shooters a lot.

I started and ended with Prime 3.

I have two Xbox 360's.

Twitter: @d21lewis

d21lewis said:
I have two Xbox 360's.

Heh, heh...I find this answer funny!

I just started playing Rage (bought it, not quite day one); and I've decided, nah, not done with the genre.  HAHA.

FPS, or TPS, I dig 'em, when done right.  I loved Gears 3, recently finished Singularity, whcih I also loved, and am looking forward to playing Uncharted 3, and picking up Metro and Duex Ex eventually.

That being said, I don't mind breaking up the shooters with a goor W/J RPG, so can't wait for Skyrim either.

d21lewis said:
I have two Xbox 360's.

I have 4 Playstation 1's