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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I think I'm done with shooters. How about you?

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Will you keep buying shooters for the next couple years?

Hell yeah! My favorite genre! 14 17.07%
Maybe a couple, but not many at full price. 32 39.02%
Used or nothing, I'm getting burned out. 13 15.85%
Screw shooters. I'm not ... 23 28.05%
naznatips said:

At least for a while. That's not to say I won't keep playing what I own. I'm really enjoying Gears 3 online and local, and I still play Black Ops + Bots with friends on the couch. Team Fortress 2 with its addictive loot system can keep me going for a while on PC as well. We even pop in Halo: Reach every once in a while for some four player Infection on custom made maps....

But I think that's it. I have enough. These games are made to be replayed, and that's what I'm going to do. Replay them. I'm not buying more shooters. Certainly not outside of extremely low used costs (under $20) or Steam sales. Frankly, the removal of bots and four player splitscreen from most shooters has dampened the funnest part of the genre for me, which is playing socially with real friends in one room talking trash and getting trashed. Sorry, but online just doesn't make up for that. 

So, does anyone else feel the same? 

Edit: To clarify I'm referring to military multiplayer shooters, not hybrid games like Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted 3, RAGE, Half-Life, and Borderlands. These use shooting as a combat mechanic but also feature other combat and gameplay mechancis, such as exploration, customization, and puzzle-solving. 

i agree sort of, i made a similar thread a few weeks ago

my issue with shooters is that i manage a playthrough, get to about 10h mark with online time then the game runs out of steam for me and end up trading of ebaying off, il still play them all but only when i find them cheap pre owned 39.99 new no thanks

the other issue is the price from them drops significantly when trading so its not good value for money, so im done with shooters

other shooter types like mass effect fallout etc are different as they give you lots of play time and replayability

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I am done with Call of Duty and Battlefield series and mediocre shooters. Gears of War, Uncharted, Half-life, Doom and Halo series are some of my favourite game series of all time.

Technically Mass Effect is a hybrid shooter/RPG. Mass Effect 2 abandoned most of the RPG elements of Mass Effect and was one of the best single player shooter gaming experiences.

That's pretty much how I feel. TBH I've stopped Gears 3 campaign for the moment to drift back to Ico/SOTC instead. I've finally bought Deus Ex so that'll be the closest to a shooter for me for a while but I plan to play mainly stealth in that. I might have a peek at Rage more out of curiosity about id Tech5.

I've just played too many FPS now and while I'm happy for newer gamers to eat them up there's nothing new in them for me anymore - or at least it feels like that.

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I wouldn't go as far as saying its my favorite genre but yes I do very much enjoy fps as much as the good rpgs.
Battlefield 3 is probably the only fps i'm buying for the next year and bioshock infinite.

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I kind of agree. I don't like playing most things online at all. Not to mention the gross market saturation of shooters as of the last five or six years.

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I'm feeling like that since 2009 at least. I wonder how this bubble is going to burst...






Good games get bought, regardless of their genre... for me it is on a game by game basis.

Just bought Mass Effect 2. Preordered Modern Warfare 3 and Uncharted 3. So i guess i'll be playing. I like my third person adventure games and platformers too though.

I'll be buying Uncharted 3. Resistance 3 and Gears of war 3 can wait until next year, since I already played the first 2 I guess I might as well see how it ends, or maybe not, undecided still.
Rage doesn't excite me at all, nor Battlefield or Modern warfare or Crysis remake or Halo remake or Dust 514.
Hopefully Mass Effect 3 won't be as much as a shooter as Mass Effect 2.

The only shooter I'm looking forward to, besides uncharted 3, is Ratchet and Clank all 4 one.

Now that TF2 is free, there's no need to buy another shooter

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