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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Team Sega Super Sonics (Nominating Team Captain)

Now I know your guys team is very small, so you all are more than welcome to start and alliance with one of the other teams (Xbox Republic ;P).In the list below is the people who are apart of the Sega Super Sonics  This list may grow or shrink over time.  First two things we will be doing is choosing a team captain and Team Name.  So nominate who you would like to see as team captain and what you want the name of the team to be.  If the person who gets nominated accepts he/she can have control over the Sega Team thread heading into next generation :)




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dsilotude castlevania avatar guy


lol Sega still gets a team =)

Smeags or Megadrive

Is it possible to be a member of both Sony and Sega clubs? If yes sign me up. If not, I'll be at Sony team's HQ.

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God I wish we had gotten a Dreamcast 2.

kain_kusanagi said:
God I wish we had gotten a Dreamcst 2.

I thought that was the Wii U?

Sign me up. I've been a Sega fan since before hipsters claim they were into Sega.

Here's a sig image for us Sega peeps:

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