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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sakurai:Wii U Smash Bros Will be Better Than Brawl

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Keep your standards high everyone! Once you see his 3DS game he says youll have to expect something  super from his Wii U and 3DS projects!!!

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Thats pretty obvious , Brawl was kinda crappy compared to Melee, so i wouldn't be surprised if this new one became better.

well since brawl was better than the 2 previous ill say duh.

were we supposed to expect it to be worse?

All the next Smash needs is an online mode that's not straight out of 1995, and it'll instantly be better than Brawl.

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Bring Geno to NextSmash.
That would make it instantly superior.

It better be we don't want games go backwards now tell me something I don't know

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always loved the original. this is 1 ip i can depend on to deliver everytime.

Every Smash Bros game so far has been better than those before it, so I should expect this one to continue the trend.

Try making an online mode that works this time.