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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sakurai:Wii U Smash Bros Will be Better Than Brawl

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Of course they'll say it'll be better =P which I have no doubt it'll be tbh.

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Guy says sequel will be better then the game he made before it.

In othernews, dog chases cat.

DarthVolod said:

Well a major problem right out of the gate is the lack of the gamecube controller which leaves us with : Wii remotes, classic controllers, and wii U controller.

I guess I will have to find a USB Gamecube controller or something because I and most people I know are garbage playing with wii remote (is uncomfortable and lacking in buttons), and the classic controller is just kind of awkward ... not bad but just not a solid controller. The Wii U pad (from what I can tell from just holding the thing at E3 and not using it with a game) is heavy and even more of a pain to use than Wii remote.

I want to believe that Nintendo will fix online with this one, but there is no indication so far that Wii U will have anything approaching a decent online system, and Nintendo does not have a great track record in this area anyways.

Of course, I will still end up buying it, and I hope they bring in more characters while also keeping the old ones ... there is no reason to get rid of characters, and I don't care if they are clones of other chars.

Brawl online was an odd duck. While Nintendo's online structure has always been backwards, the actual connectivity has usually been pretty good (reasonably quick connections to matches, usually low lag). Brawl would have been fine if it took you less than 10 minutes to connect to a match and the matches ran at a solid framerate

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As long as it's better than friggin Brawl. Just copy melee and add stuff on top, how hard is that?

Not surprised by this comment, every Smash Bros. game has been better than its predecessor.