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Forums - Sales Discussion - I Have Returned With My 2009 Prediction Results!

        Before I begin the thread I would like to ramble on about some things when I first found this site in 2007, I never cared for the forums im not a forum type of guy as most can tell by my grammar.  I just visited to see the numbers when they were posted weekly than slowly I started reading the forums and noticed that back then it was all about predictions and X game will flop or X would sell this amount.  There’s a few that I remember like PS3 wont go below 120k and GTA4 will destroy the Wii once and for all. 

I being a gambling man thought hey I could do that and probably be good at it, so I joined the forums and immediately started my work with the 10 week countdown and went on to win it.  The point is that I feel that the whole vibe of predicting things the thing that made me join the site has gotten old its not as big as it was, maybe because the gen is at the mid way point and no one cares about sales they rather just play the games, I know thats how I feel now.  I decided to make this thread also because I’ve been get a lot of hate mail in my PM’s or wall things like “BHR-3 you suck at predicting things you just edit your posts after or predict things after they come true and say that you have been saying it all along.”


So here we go I unveil my 2009 prediction results it's time for the doubters to put there big boy pants on


End of 09 source 12/20/08

Wii 69.9 mill it did 65.6m so what I was I little off not as bad as others saying over 75m i was talking bout shipped

Ps3 33.8 mill so what I was a little off it did 31.6m again i was talking bout shipped

360 38.6 mill so what I was a little off it did 37.1m


Ps3 will beat the Wii in HW sales in Japan at least 10 weeks in 09  Correct it even did it exactly 10 times in a row

PS3 will beat the Wii in WW HW sales at least 4 weeks in 09 Correct it did it exactly 4 times

Zleep said @BHR-3: So you predict that Wii sales will slow down, even when there are still massive shortages, and that PS3 sales will go drastically up?

Why do people have this weird wishes and irrational hopes? Please try to be objective, it makes my blood boil to see such reckless and blind predictions. As for PS3 outselling the Wii for 10 weeks in Japan, sigh.

And who said the Wii has peaked, you are just too blind. Wii is still selling out and by next year production will be at a steady 2.4/million, compared to this years 1.8 million for more than half of the year. You clearly have no clue of what you are talking, I won't waste my time with a fanboy.

PS3 will have a 300$ or less price tag b4 09 ends Correct

PS3 will have a new sku b4 09 ends Correct

PS3's gap to 360 will never be larger than 9,238,829 in 09 Correct the highest it ever was was 8.1m I wasn’t close but others said it would be over 10m

PS3's gap against 360 will be less than 5,883,984 b4 09 ends Correct

PS3's gap against 360 in EU or Total Other will be less than 400k b4 09 ends Correct Only one in that thread to say that all others said PS3 would be in the lead in EU shame on you didnt you forsee the the adjustments?


PS3 will outsell the 360 in WW HW in November and December of 09 Correct source 4/3/09    source  9/3/09

trunkswd said I don't see the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 this holiday. Whatever Sony does, Microsoft is easily able to match it


Dgc1808 said I think you're crazy..


Bugrimmar said this is paranoia at it's finest...

PS3 will have at least 1 week were it well sell 1 mill or more HW WW Incorrect so what I said atleast once I was hoping for it to do it twice and it almost did it twice it was off by like 20k each both times and I still feel VGC will adjust the numbers again making it cross the 1 million mark at least once so we'll see.

PS3's RE5 will have a better 1st week than the 360's WW    Correct


PS3's RE5 will sell more than the 360 by the end of 09 Correct source 1/15/09 source 1/28/09

BengaBenga said 360 is the leading SKU for THIS game, because it's less horror and more shooter and we all know how shooters sell on the Box. And no, RE5 will sell loads more on the 360.

DirtyP2002 said Can we make a bet out of this? If the Xbox360 version sells more units, I can chose your signature for one month. If the PS3 version sells more units, feel free to change my sig for a month.

BenVTrigger said you would definatley win that bet.


RE5 on the PS3 will sell over 1 mill WW in its 1st week   Correct

Wii will not reach 50% in 09  Correcthatthe 360 and PS3 not combined separte would sell more than NSMB before 2010 started PS3 version was like 4m off and 360 version was like 2m off big deal i didnt think NSMB would have as good of legs as it did through December

Leo-j won't have a VGC debt by the end of 09 Incorrect

Wii 1st half 08 vs 09 HW sales source 1/16/09  Correct I said 09 will be lower

PS3 selling more in Americas on Black Friday Correct source


Uncharted 2 to sell 2million before 2010 began Correct source 9/23/09

kitler53 said i can refute your entire argument with 1


CGI-Quality said It should do a million before year's end, maybe 800,000. I doubt it'll do 2mill though.

Seece said Why do you post so much rubbish.

How on earth 1.5 mill is guaranteed I don't know .. and 2 - 3 mill is logical and likely?

outlawauron said I really think people are overestimating how much Uncharted 2 is going to sell.


Darthdevidemon said Uncharted 2 will not do over 1.2 Million this year 1.8 - 2 million LTD!

Cueil said People confuse their excitement with the game with reality


Uncharted 2 will sell more than L4D2 end of 09 and lifetime So far Correctsource 8/28/09

epic thread lots of rainbow posts nice read too


So as we can see from this my accuracy level is pretty high I'am not going to say I'am the best perdictor in the world but I'am pretty good at it  I'am going to leave the thread with qoutes from others

The mighty BHR-3 predicted well

BHR-3 does make amazing predictions... One would do well to refrain from disagreeing with him next time he makes another 'improbable' prediction

BHR is from the future

Teh Cell = Teh BHR ?


Epic ownage by BHR. All of those bashing you got and then boom! your prediction was right after all

BHR-3 for Pres....?!!

BHR-3 for moderator!!!!

BHR3 gets it right.......AGAIN........

I hope some of the folks who actually questioned BHR's sanity front up to admit their own lack of foresight. Those that have eaten the chef's special of crow served with a side of humble pie have all been the ones who politely disagreed with BHR.

It may be my 5th post however i have been following this forum as a guest for quite some time now and being aware of BHR-3's  amazing and acurate espionage work  which we call predictions great work once again

If this site taught me anything is that never underestimate BHR-3 crazy predictions !!

So, predictor of the year award... BHR you win

BHR-3 is officially: A God

whatever BHR predicts always comes true

HE SURE IS RIGHT than most of us 99% of the time

Having lurked a lot of time in this site, I have seen that most of BHR-3's predictions happen, were you Nostradamus in your past life? Lol.

Wow, BHR is one of the best predictors on VGC

Everything BHR says is logical and has a good chance of happening. So far BHR has got nearly every of his predictions right.


*no real crows or avatars were harmed in the making of this thread


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Epic thread

You really showed the doubters last year...

Oh, and just to gloat a tiny little bit more...


Good predictions for '09. Don't think much of your predictions for 2010 though! :)



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

A feast of crow has been served. Well done and bon apétit!

Do you really get that bored that you save every prediction anyone has ever made on this site just so you can point out how they were wrong?

I don't think I've ever seen anything that petty in a long time, and that's even come from an incredibly petty person!

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Well done BHR-3!

Now make a thread for your 2010 predictions!


are you jealous? lol

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

That is three minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

So what if I was a little off, you have no life.

LOL nice warm and delicious crows served!

twesterm said:

Do you really get that bored that you save every prediction anyone has ever made on this site just so you can point out how they were wrong?

I don't think I've ever seen anything that petty in a long time, and that's even come from an incredibly petty person!

I find it kind of scary that he had enough time that he could edit all of those pictures. Also that he has a picture of CGI O_o

twesterm said:

Do you really get that bored that you save every prediction anyone has ever made on this site just so you can point out how they were wrong?

I don't think I've ever seen anything that petty in a long time, and that's even come from an incredibly petty person!

damn im not on that often any more but were you not a mod?

Ive really got to figure out a way to check this site at work if im going to miss stuff like this



sorry for the off topic..



on topic, congrats


if i remember min it goes ps3 just out perfomormed by 1 to 1.5 mil, 360 under by 2.5 mill (i really think ms screwed the pooch with hard ware sku changes being crappy this fall) dont remember my wii numbers, but ill asume i got them wrong

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