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BHR-3 said:
BengaBenga said:
BHR-3 said:
i doesn' t bother me to much to wait but, RE was born on the PS it hurts me to C this kind of exclusivity. Demos aren't always good for sales

RE has been on several consoles and there are very few exclusives in the series. The only ones I can think of are Resident Evil on PS1 and REmake and Zero, and those are Gamecube exclusives.

360 is clearly the #1 SKU of the game, which is logical considering userbase and the fact that RE has become very shooterlike (sadly).



i meant it was born on  the PS console RE 123 was something new for gaming back then, it wore off by the time GC got the ports just look at the reviews for 2 and 3 for the GC and 0 was meh.   I just though the developers would have some respect for the ps community and not make the demo release for 360 earlier thats wat hurts me

If the Xbox is clearly the #1 sku for this type of game why wasn't RE4 on the original xbox?

It does't matter i know that by the end of 09 RE5 will have better SW sales for the PS3

yeah these types of shooter games with a female co-op is starting to show up everywhere


Capcom already didn't like Playstation for the RE series last gen, since PS2 only saw RE4 way after GC, and only because the GC was clearly a failure. GC got REmake, Zero, 4 (timed excl) and ports for 2, 3 and Code Veronica X.

And Zero was definitely NOT meh. It has a Metacritic rating of 83, looks amazing and plays and feels like REmake, and the removal of the "magic" storage boxes was great.

360 is the leading SKU for THIS game, because it's less horror and more shooter and we all know how shooters sell on the Box. And no, RE5 will sell loads more on the 360.