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Forums - Sales Discussion - I Have Returned With My 2009 Prediction Results!


Bet with Dr.A.Peter.Nintendo that Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't sell 15 million copies up to six months after it's release, the winner will get Avatar control for a week and signature control for a month.

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I want a post in that OP.

I made plenty of dumb predictions last year! Come on!

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Guess you aren't going to talk about how badly your holiday grudge match between Modern Warfare 2 PS3 and 360 and New Super Mario Bros Wii went haha. Nice to see you are right on some things but like everyone else you were wrong on a lot of things too.

But always for me, at least the state of predictions I see by the majority of people including myself, they are just educated guesses but not necessarily anything we could brag about for being right on. It's like playing poker. The more experienced will obviously do a little better, but just better chance of being lucky. And even then, you can get rocked by some random person. But kudos to you for this as you seem to be happy with it so I'll be happy with you, but like always critical and technical.

peachbuggy said:
Good predictions for '09. Don't think much of your predictions for 2010 though! :)

Famous last words?

Good job with the '09 predictions BHR-3. Good luck with '10.

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I'm quite amazed by how many people really doubted Uncharted 2 selling over 2 mil before the end of 09...

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goddog said:
twesterm said:

Do you really get that bored that you save every prediction anyone has ever made on this site just so you can point out how they were wrong?

I don't think I've ever seen anything that petty in a long time, and that's even come from an incredibly petty person!

damn im not on that often any more but were you not a mod?

Ive really got to figure out a way to check this site at work if im going to miss stuff like this

Meh, it's not flaming if it's true.  Just like if someone is ignorant about something, they're ignorant about something.  It's not an insult.  This is a petty thread, I don't know any nicer way to put that.  I know much meaner ways to put it, but not any nicer ways.

Went out of your way to put a picture of me in there? Oh dear......BHR......what are you up to behind that screen?

Seriously though, epic thread is epic!


Cross-X said:
I'm quite amazed by how many people really doubted Uncharted 2 selling over 2 mil before the end of 09...

With Sony's past marketing, people were cautious.


BHR-3 said:

    *no real crows or avatars were harmed in the making of this thread


You're the man BHR-3, nice perdictions. I always loved your grammar too.

BHR-3 said:

        PS3's gap against 360 will be less than 5,883,984 b4 09 ends Correct it was like 5.4m before 2010 started

Actually, this was incorrect because of the recent adjustments that were made.

For the week ending Jan. 02, 2010 (which includes the end of 2009)

The PS3 was at: 30,850,496

The 360 was at: 36,973,234

Which as you can see is just over 6 million. (6,122,738 to be exact)

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