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Forums - Sales Discussion - Black Friday Grudge Match PS3 vs 360 Who Will Sell More In North America?!


Who Will Sell More For Week Ending 11/28/09 In NA And Even WW?


Last years sales

360 478k NA   726k WW

PS3 198k NA   400k WW

Last years sales the week before BF

360 150k NA   406k WW

PS3 80k NA   245k WW

Last weeks sales

360 146k NA   285k WW

PS3 138k NA   359k WW


The Deals


Amazon Buy an Xbox 360 Elite or MW2 Elite, Get Left 4 Dead 2 Free

Best Buy Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Holiday Bundle (Pure and Lego Batman)

W/ FREE Sonic The Hedgehog, Spiderman: Web of Shadows, Wall-E, and Ghost Recon 2 $299.99

GS Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle w/choice of free COD4 or Bakugon $299.99

Kmart Buy The Holiday Pack XBox 360 Elite And Get Halo 3: ODST FREE $299.99

Sears 360 Elite Holiday Bundle (Lego Batman + Pure) w/ FREE XBLIVE 12-Months Card ($49.99 Value) = $299.99

Target FREE $50 GC W/ Purchase of an XBox 360 Elite Holiday System Bundle (Pure & Lego Batman) $299.99
or XBox 360 Elite Modern Warfare 2 System Bundle $399.99

Toys r us XBox 360 Arcade System W/ FREE Carrying Case, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, PopCap Arcade Vol. 1, and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade $229.95

Wallmart XBox 360 Arcade W/ FREE Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa, Madagascar DVD, and Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa DVD $199



Amazon PS3 120 GB Bundle with Infamous, Killzone 2 and $10 Credit

Best Buy Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Bundle W/ FREE Little Big Planet: GOTY Edition and Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time $299.99

GS PS3 120GB Slim w/free LittleBigPlanet GOTY & God Of War Collection

Sears SONY PS3 Slim 120gb System w/ FREE Official Blu-ray Remote ($24.99 value) = $299.99

Sony Style 120GB PS3 system with UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and inFAMOUS $299

Wallmart Playstation 3 Slim W/ FREE Infamous, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and The Dark Knight BD $299


Post what u think

Will PS3 sell more in NA compared to the 360?

Will the 360 sell way more in NA resulting in WW victory against the PS3?


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i still got the feeling 360 will outsell the ps3 but we'll see.

kowenicki said:
No bloody idea.... but i would guess 360.... based purely on historical precedent and massive 360 install base there.

my tips havent helped u

hint look at the bolded numbers in the sales data it may help you see clearer


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worldwide will go to ps3 america will come close, i think ps3 might take this one in america

Well obviously the PS3 is going to win worldwide, and I think it will win by 20k~ in N/A.

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kowenicki said:
what do you think?

i dont want to sway the remaning posters now

hope ioi will have some kinda news article tommorow or wenever about some BF sales estimates


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kowenicki said:
No bloody idea.... but i would guess 360.... based purely on historical precedent and massive 360 install base there.

but.. the difference is, this is the first time a ps3 is $299 in the U.S for black friday, so it can go both ways. I want ioi to tell us whats going on so far



It's going to be very close, but I think the X360 edges out the PS3

End of 2016 prediction



PS3 will make it interesting, might stick close to 360, but 360 will win NA. However i predict not enough to take it WW, Sony wins WW

Wii :p just kidding. PS3