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Forums - Sales Discussion - Black Friday Grudge Match PS3 vs 360 Who Will Sell More In North America?!

PS3 will make it interesting, might stick close to 360, but 360 will win NA. However i predict not enough to take it WW, Sony wins WW

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Wii :p just kidding. PS3

PS3 wins in NA by 18k and worldwide by 240k.

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PS3 WW and possibly in America. Those polls about what more men wanted for Christmas (most being PS3) was no bull indeed.

PS3 takes all... NA and WW.

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At my target we sold out of 120gig Ps3's first. But my target didn't have a deal on Ps3's so we didnt have as many as we did 360's. It was probablly half as much. Then we sold out of the 360's... it took till like noon or so. The 250gig Ps3s are all still there though.

The 120gig Ps3's sold at a faster rate though. Even with the 50 dollar target card for 360's.

PS3 sells 300k more than 360

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the wii damn it lol

nah if im gonna chose between 360 and ps3 i probably go ps3

hope PS3 but think 360 has it

I think PS3 might take the crown in America. The 360 bundles are very good but I think their impact might be slightly blunted because of the Walmart deal the last few weeks and the PS3 bundle deals are absolutely insane and cover a broad spectrum of potential audiences. I'll say PS3 takes the US by less than 10k.

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