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Forums - Sales Discussion - Coincidences That Make Me Belive The PS3 Will Outsell The 360 This Holiday!

Coincidences That Make Me Belive The PS3 Will Outsell The 360 this Holiday Season

As many might know im a very spiritual and religious person i often rely on uncommon things to believe in stuff than many might not take the time to really ponder about.  I think there was a thread last year were someone said that the 360 will out sell the ps3 Q3-Q4 and the thread maker was wright i will attempt to do the same so consider this as a prediction of mine also, ill be adding it to my 09 prediction link in my sig.

Ok so lets get to the beef on Y i think this will happen b/c the ps3 hasnt got a price cut yet as many thought it would by now and is currently in 3rd every week WW. Oh yeah wat i mean by the ps3>360 this holiday season im referring to WW #s not in every region


Coincidences or Fate?

1 The last holiday season ps3 was outselling the 360 it was the year 2007 its now 2009 both of these #s are odd #s

2 In 2007 the 360 was outselling the ps3 all of the year prior to the holidays that is currently happening right now

3 In 2007 a game called Uncharted came out for the ps3 during the holiday time Uncharted2 is scheduled for a release during the 09 holiday season

4 In 2007 a game called Ratchet & Clank came out for the ps3 the new Ratchet will also be coming out in 09 holiday season time

5 Finally something that every1 can relate to b/c they might think the above reasons are not good enough or mean nothing although they mean alot to me on deciding things for the future

The Price for the 360 at the end of 07 was

280$ for the Arcade

350$ for the Pro

450$ for the Elite

while the ps3 had 2 prices of 400$ and 500$ if u zoom in a little u can see that the price difference of the cheapest 360 and cheapest ps3 was 120$ this was the magic number that the ps3 needed to be in range with the 360 to start outselling it WW

Now the prices are 200$, 300$ for the 360 and 400$ 500$ for the ps3 the sweet spot of 120$ is gone it has been raised to 200$ difference thats to much for the ps3 to fight back 

I believe that this holiday season the ps3 will have a sku probably the current 80g for a price of 300$ and the 360 will be the arcade with a 20g or larger HDD for the same price but most likely be 180$ by the time the holidays come, and the current Pro will have a 100g HDD for the same price as now but most likely be 280$ by the holidays.

With these possible prices the ps3 is in its magic number range of cheapest vs cheapest to have only a 120$ (300$-180$-120$) exactly like it was in 07 the last time the ps3 was able to outsell the 360 during the holidays.

The only thing that i feel can ruin this all for me is for the ps3 to get only a 50$ cut witch i feel as a low probability of happening since it was over 2yrs since the last ps3 price cut, and also thats why they havent cut the price yet there wanting till the latest opportunity so they can manufacture the ps3 at lesser cost thus reducing the losses for sony wen the price goes to 300$ this holiday.

Another thing that can ruin it is if the Arcade goes to 150$ or less this holiday season i would be shocked if this where to happen that's to cheap of a price for a pretty good console to have.  I feel that MS will focus on HDD size and adding things to its console this year with minimul price cutting of 30$.  But in any case any of thoose to things could happen but i feel that the stars have lined up correctly with the other things ive mention for the universe to let me down.


I was supposed to be interviewed about this by a high class VGC member but he backed out at the last minute i think he was busy


Post If you feel these coincidences mean the same for you

Post if you think they mean nothing and im just an idiot for thinking of this

Post other coincidences that i may have left out for either console

Post wat u think will happen this holiday season and if you think the ps3 can outsell the 360 or vias versa and ur reasoning Y




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That is my answer.

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Don't forget that there were 365 days in 2007, and there are also 365 in 2009!

These coincidences don't mean anything. Games and their sequels are typically released withing 2-3 years of each other if popular enough, unless you're Nintendo and it takes 5 !#$%ing years to release Brawl.

Three main issues determine sales of a console: Price, games, and availability. None of the consoles have availability issues anymore.

If you wanna discuss the "price range" think of it in terms of percentage instead. When the 360 was $280, the PS3 was $400 (lower end models). Ok, the PS3 was $120 more, which mean it costs roughly 42-ish% more (no calculator available). Using the prices you provided, the difference has widened to $200. It takes 100% more money to buy a PS3 than it does a 360. There is no comparison on which price point is more attractive, even for the "value".

The bottom line is that Sony is in no position to push the PS3 anymore than it already has without a price cut, regardless of any "coincidences" going on.


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Wii will destroy both for the 3rd year in a row. PS3 and 360 will fight for scraps as usual... Is that a coincidence?



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Demotruk said:

That is my answer.

that's a nice video.


MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.

heres the link to the thread that a guy called Squillium made that inspired me to make this one OPEN ME


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