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All comparisons have been updated with the data for April. All charts have been updated till April 2024.

New poll is added too, vote now! (the previous polls are at the bottom of the original post).

Two new comparisons have been added:

  • Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Wii + 3DS (37.5M - JAPAN)

The old one with the DS only, is in the Historical Consoles Showdown thread and it will still be updated every month until the complete death of the Switch. Whoever wants to follow it, can do that there. The next stop for the Switch to reach is the Wii+3DS which is almost 5M ahead.

  • PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series vs Nintendo DS (154M)

The PS5 & Xbox Series are moving almost on par with the last gen - PS4 & XB1 till now, however as Xbox Series is dropping quickly, having trouble keeping pace with even the XB1'20 year (which you can follow in my Ultimate Consoles Showdown thread) of 4M and speculated, discussed and doubted by many of it's ability to reach even 40M lifetime (which is almost 20M less than XB1), and the PS5 slowed pace lately, as well as even Sony themselves expecting lower sales in the Fiscal Year and also the next gen rumours for 2026 instead of 2028, I decided to compare the PS5 & XBSX with target that is around 20M lower of the previous gen - pretty much the difference that is expected for the Xbox to be when all is said and done with it's predecessor the XB1.

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