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Ok, some updates of stuff I liked. I watched Gyeongseong Creature, a korean historical drama about the japanese occupation of Kora (or Joseon). It is a story that is fictional, but based of the very real Unit 731, a unit of the Japanese Imperial Army that was tasked with researching biological weapons and that did experiments on living subjects, mostly Korean and Chinese. the drama fictionalize what they did, but remember this unit was real.

Then I watched The Apothecary Diaries and really enjoyed it. It depicts old china and is quite real. Don't be fooled by the pretty imagery, this is a real mystery drama and Maomao with her great intellect and scientific knowledge can solve these riddles, even though she has to naviagte dangerous political waters, as her life as a lowborn servant isn't worth much and she can easily be executed when offending powerful persons.

And I just started Dead Boy Detectives, two episodes in. It is in the Sandman universe (and if you haven't watched Sandman yet, then treat yourself). In difference to Sandman it can be quite a bit more silly and fun at times, although it also gets pretty serious. Even two episodes in I met a lot of weird characters mthat I all love: the Witch, the Walrus cursed to live as a man and having a magic shop, the girl infected by supernatural parasites that make her puke colors, the Cats and the Cat King, the butcher shop lady with the meat cleaver, the ghost mail men and so on. I enjoy it a lot.

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