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All JAPAN comparisons have been updated with the month of March! All comparisons have been adjusted too with the latest VGChartz data! New poll was added! Vote now. (results from previous one are in the bottom of the original post).

All of the comparisons including the ones in my previous threads were slightly changed (yes even those from 21 and 22 alongside adjustments there as well), to include new column about the month and the year (weekly ones with week and month). This is mostly because it's way more easier for me to adjust and even change (when needed) comparisons and data that way instead of the old one. The month, the year or the week is now only included in that first column.

Another change is the PS5 japan comparison is now vs the PS3 numbers instead of the PS4 (as the PS5 is performing better than PS4 for now, and of course the target for every console is always to perform better).

The Switch JAPAN comparison may soon (when the DS is passed) be changed to vs Wii+3DS (japan) since this is the next in line for Switch (which is around 37.5M. (the DS one I will still leave here, maybe in a spoiler tab since the post gets very big.

Last edited by XtremeBG - on 15 April 2024

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